What If I Accidentally Clicks My Own Google AdSense Ads?

Ankita Patel Staff asked 11 months ago

I recently started using Google AdSense on my website. But I am little bit worried about my AdSense account. I had heard and read that Google completely ban the account if the person clicks on its own ads.

I know If I clicked on my own ads then any advertiser will blocked me. But I What If I Accidentally clicks my own Ads?

It may happen that i working on my website or blog and accidentally click on the Google AdSense ads?

Will Google ban my account for the accidental clicks? If Yes then what is the best way to avoid this situation?

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Love U Marketing Staff answered 11 months ago

Hi Ankita,

Don’t Worry. You account will not get banned for the accidental clicks on own ads.
This is because, it happens to everyone, including us. We had clicked our own ads accidentally many times, but till date our account is not banned.

Google known the difference between accidental and intentional clicks on the ads. Accidental clicks can’t be more than one at a time and it happens once in a six months not daily.
So, if you had clicked to your own ads then don’t worry. It is acceptable unless Google does not find any pattern in your clicks.

Next, How to avoid this type of situation?

The only way to avoid this type of situation is to install Ad Blocker on your computer or laptop. By installing Ad Blocker, the ads will stop displaying to you and you will never click your own ads accidentally.

So, install Ad Blocker, it will resolve your problem.
Hope your query is resolved now. If you still face any problem then feel free to contact us. You can share your message or query at below also.

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