How Much Does Google Adsense Pay Per Pageview?

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Ankita Patel Staff asked 1 year ago

Hello Friends

I am new to Google Adsense. Google recently approved my adsense account. I just want to know

  1. How much does google adsense pay per click? and
  2. How much adsense pays for 1000 views?

Further, any kind of help for increasing the adsense income will be appreciated.


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Love U Marketing Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi Ankita
In a very simple language, it is not possible to tell how much will you get paid adsense amount for per page view or click.
Actually, Google Adsense earnings depends on many factors like Source of traffic, Use of keywords in the content etc. Based on these factors, your CPC (Cost per Click) and CPM ( Cost per Impression) is decided.
Let us understand this with an example.
For example, LoveUMarketing is a blog for Marketing and Earn Money Online. Hence, whenever a user visit this blog, he or she finds ads related to marketing and earn money from online. Now, for advertiser who want to show ads on our blog, will decide different price or rate for different keywords and users. Yes, they can define different rates for different keywords and demographic information. Hence, price paid for Indian Users will be different from price paid for US users.
Based, on keywords in your content and users demographic information, the ad with highest bids is showing on your site. On every page refresh, the shown advertisement get changed and thereby the price bid also get changes.
Hence, now it depends on the price bid prevailing at the time of your user click on the ad.
These Price or Rate bids take place in real time and hence it keep on changing for every ad shown on your site.
Next, this is the only reason why different users are paid different for per page view and click. 
At last, if you want to know how to increase Google AdSense income then check out below article for complete detail or information on adsense.

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