How to check follow or nofollow links?

QuestionsCategory: Search Engine OptimizationHow to check follow or nofollow links?
techshristi asked 3 years ago

What is the best and easiest way to check which are the follow and no follow links on the website?It is possible to check that the particular links are no follow or not?

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Love U Marketing Staff answered 3 years ago

Yes, it is possible to check follow and no follow links. There are the various ways to check this. You can install a browser extension for the same.

or you can even use the inbuilt developer tool available in the browser.
Once you select the developer tool, inspect the particular link to identify the follow and nofollow links. Referring selected link you will find the no follow link as shown below 

no follow link on the website
How to check follow or no follow links_ – LoveUMarketing.html

In the above, you will see that ‘nofollow’ is clearly indicated in the code itself. Above image is the screenshot of the developer tool