How to Enable HTTPS Redirect for Blogger Blog?

QuestionsCategory: BloggerHow to Enable HTTPS Redirect for Blogger Blog?
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How to enable HTTPS redirect for my blogger blog?

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Avatar for Love U MarketingLove U Marketing Staff answered 1 year ago

If you want visitors to access your blog only over HTTPS, you can turn on HTTPS redirect. This option is also available on the free Blogger blog in ‘Setting Page
To enable HTTPS redirect option on the blogger account, follow the below steps

  • Sign in with Blogger Dashboard
  • Select Setting Option from the left Navigational Menu.
  • On the Right Side, select ‘Yes‘ to enable HTTPS Redirect option.

that’s it. It will enable HTTPS redirect option for your blog. You can also change the blogger URL at the same place. Check out below to see both the option.
HTTPS Redirect for Blogger Blog

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