How Much Does It Cost To Design A Website?

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Love U Marketing Staff asked 3 years ago

I want to start a Website, how much it will cost? What will be the minimum amount to start an online website?

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Love U Marketing Staff answered 3 years ago

The minimum cost of starting a website is Zero. Yes, it is Zero if you start a website on free domain provided by,, and many other free website builder sites.
You can create the website easily on such free sites within few clicks.
But if you want to start your own self-hosted website then it will cost you around Rs 99 for the domain name ( one time) and Rs. 250 per month for hosting provider.
Of course, it will cost so cheap only if you do it yourself. But if you are from the non-technical background and don’t know anything then you can also hire the consultant to create the website on behalf of you.
If you hire the consultant from the country like India then he will create the website for you at a very nominal cost. Of course, the price of the website depends on the kind of site you want to build but still, it will not charge you the higher amount.
Indian Consultant will build a normal website within a cost of Rs. 10,000.
If you are complete beginner then We suggest going with free website builder or site to create your site.

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