How To Check Whether Your Website Or Blog Is Eligible for Google AdSense Approval Or Not?

Love U Marketing Staff asked 1 year ago

I want to apply for the Google AdSense, how do i check whether my website or blog is eligible for the Google AdSense or not?
What are the key factors that Google consider for approving the website or blog?

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Love U Marketing Staff answered 1 year ago

No, there is no such tool for checking the website. Google manually verify the website for AdSense Approval. Yes, it involved human verification to get the approval. (This is the also one of the reason for delay in getting the approval.)
Now, coming to your question ‘How to check your website or blog is eligible for the Google AdSense?’. There is no thumb rule to check this. If a person (from Google) verifying your site is, feel statisfied then you will get the approval or otherwise not.
The person verifying your site will check the basis things like Content of the Website, Traffic Source etc. If he found everything normal, then he will approve your website for Google AdSense.

Below are the key factors that Google verify before approving any website or blog

1.Domain Age: Yes, age of the domain plays an important role in getting the approval. In a country like India, Pakistan etc. Google do not approve the website younger than 6 months. So, if you belong to these countries then you need to wait for at least six months to get the AdSense approval.

2.Content on the Website or Blog: Next, Content is also another critical factor to get the AdSense approval. Your website should have enough content to get the approval. Here, enough content means at least more than 50 blog posts.

3.Traffic On Your Website or Blog: Last but important, the amount of traffic you receive on your site is also an important factor for getting the approval. We know for a beginner it is not possible to drive traffic to the website. Here, Google is not expecting huge traffic on your site instead it wishes you should get at least few visitors on your site.

Note:Please don’t try to cheat Google by copying content from other websites or using bot for showing traffic on your website. Google do not verify such websites. Instead, be normal, your website will get approved easily.

Love U Marketing Staff answered 6 months ago

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