How To Show My Website In Google Search Engine?

QuestionsCategory: Digital IndiaHow To Show My Website In Google Search Engine?
Love U Marketing Staff asked 2 years ago

My website is not showing in the Google search. How do I get my business to show up on google searches?

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Love U Marketing Staff answered 2 years ago

Very Simple. You need to submit your website’s sitemap to Google. Once you submit the sitemap, Google will index your site and it will start appearing in its search result.
How to Submit Sitemap to Google?
To submit sitemap to Google, refer the below article

How to Submit Your Website’s Sitemap to Google Search Console

Submitted a Sitemap, but Website is still not appearing the in Search Result?
This is because your website may have the ‘no index’ tag. ‘No Index’ will not allow Google to index your website.
Why are some pages of my website not appearing in the Google Search Result?
This is because these pages may not be appearing in your sitemap. Please check your sitemap.

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