What Are The Some Myths About Blogging Website?

QuestionsCategory: BloggingWhat Are The Some Myths About Blogging Website?
Ankita Patel Staff asked 3 years ago

What are some myths about blogging site that you think is wrong? Support your myths with an example if possible.

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Love U Marketing Staff answered 3 years ago

I don’t have any valid evidence to prove these myths but as per our understanding and stated examples, below are the four myths about blogging site

  1. You can make money within X period: There are no ways to make money making a blog within X period. No one can give you the guarantee to rank your site on the first page within X period then can only suggest you the way how you can achieve this.
  2. Duplicate Content will hurt your blog: If this would be true then government website like Income Tax, Ministry of Finance etc would not rank on the first page. If I am not wrong then we always copy and paste the content from the government site. Starting from any Notification to Bare Act, we always copied the content from this sites. Further, what about the websites that are based on Law and Taxation. The content of these websites cannot be changed. Then Why these websites are still making money and ranking on the first page of the google?
  3. Loading Speed of your blog: It is said that loading speed of your website will help you to rank your site on the first page. But we think this is not true. Of course, loading speed can hurt your blog. Visitors with the slow connection speed will not visit your site. Do you think, Google will load each and every website before showing the result? Loading speed of your blog will increase if you remove the cache, so does it mean if you if you remove the cache then your site will not rank on the first page? No, if it will remain on the same page.

    We know you will say what the hell you are saying? Removing the only cache will not hurt your blog. There are many factors that need to be considered simultaneously. Yes, you are right. We need to consider so many factors to come to conclusion. But don’t you think these factors have nothing to do with the ranking. It is more related to the user friendliness.If you blog is user-friendly then your blog will surely rank on the first page of the site. Because visitors will like to visit your site and they will come again to your site. So, Google will show your blog on the first page.

  4. If you are not good in Writing, you can not start the blog: This is just a myth. You can still start a money making blog. Further, if you are more concerned about the writing skills then you can also install the plugins related to it like Grammarly. This plugin will take care of your writing skills and grammar.

    Even we are not good a writing and still, we are running a money making blog. Further, now you can also start a blog in your own regional languages like Hindi or Gujarati. If you are not good at English, starting writing in your regional language.

These are some myths about blogging. We admit, currently, we do not have any evidence to prove this. But request you to please subscribe this page for more updates. We will update this page once we have any evidence against these myths.

We will also update it if we found our myths are wrong and these factors impact your blog.