Why my Youtube Backlinks are not been Indexed by Backlinks Checker?

John asked 2 years ago

Hi Friend,
I upload a video below and leave my site’s address in its description weeks ago.
However, I use online backlinks checking tool to check. They do not show the backlink from the YouTube video to my site.

Youtube Link

Will you please tell me why?

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Love U Marketing Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi there,

First of all, this is to inform you that we had edited your question for the Grammatical errors and Spamming website links.
Now coming to your question, you will find the answer below
There are two reasons for not finding the backlinks in the ‘Backlinks Checker Tools

  • You are using free backlinks checker tools, which are not updated regularly. Check out Google Webmaster to find your backlinks.
  • It may possible that the page where you have added the backlinks is not so important for the Google and thereby Google does not index the page. So, it may not appear as the backlinks.

Confused? Let us understand this in a simple language. Say you had created a backlink on Page X. But Google did not index the Page X. If it is not indexed by the Google then it will not appear in the tools using Google database.
Hope your query is resolved now. If you still face any problem then feel free to contact us again. We will be happy to help you.

Love U Marketing Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi there,
I checked your website in the Google and did not find the link to your Youtube video. Further, the only homepage is appearing on the Google Search Result Page. This show that your website is not properly utilized. Your website needs lots of improvement. Please reply to this message if you want to learn how to do Website Optimization.
Sitelinks of Google Website
This is our LoveUMarketing Website
LoveUMarketing Website Sitelinks in Google

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