How To Resolve Empty Sitemap Error in Google Webmaster?

QuestionsCategory: BloggingHow To Resolve Empty Sitemap Error in Google Webmaster?
Ankita Patel Staff asked 3 years ago

I am using Yoast SEO Plugin on my website and using sitemap generated through it. Till yesterday, It was working fine. But today, when I checked my Google Webmaster, I found Empty Sitemap Error.

Starting from adding sitemap page to exception cache list to purge cache, I had everything but this problem is not resolved. Please suggest a way to resolve this. Below is the list of WordPress Plugins I am using on my website.

  1. WP Security
  2. Yoast SEO Plugin
  3. AMP Page Plugin
  4. Icegram
  5. Contact Form 7
  6. DE Question and Answer
  7. Add to Any Share
  8. W3 Total Cache

Out of above list, I had installed AMP Page and WP Security Plugin in last week.

Please Note: I had checked almost everything in W3 Total Cache and Yoast SEO. I had even flushed out the cache twice on CloudFlare. But Still no luck.

Please Help and Thanks in Advance.

3 Answers
techshristi answered 3 years ago

After reading your question, it seems that you are getting empty sitemap error because of some conflicts with other installed plugins on your WordPress Website.
We suggest to deactivate the plugins one by one and check whether the error still persists or not?. Once you get the name of the plugin causing conflict it will be easy for you to resolve this problem.

Love U Marketing Staff answered 3 years ago

I think the problem is with WP Security Plugin. Even we had faced the same problem in the past and the conflict was because of the WP Security Plugins. 
To resolve this problem, just log into your WordPress Dashboard and go to WP Security. In WP Security, go to Firewall Options and Uncheck the all available Options.
Once you uncheck, flushed out the cache and resubmit the sitemap to Google Webmaster. I am sure this will resolve your problem.
For your reference attaching image snapshot below. Please remember, this is only one snapshot. Please reconsider the all Firewall option to resolve it.
Firewall WP Security for Empty Yoast Sitemap Error
Please confirm once you have done with it.

Ankita Patel Staff answered 3 years ago

Thanks, @LoveUMarketing. Yes, Firewall was causing the problem. I unchecked the all available option and now it is working fine.
Thanks once again. I am making this question resolved.