About Us

About Us




To write & teach about Marketing that includes, Online Marketing, Internet Marketing, Content Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Traditional Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Advertisements and lots more.


16th January 2017 is our digital birthday. We got registered on this day. Though our website seems to be pretty new we aren’t. We are online for the past 6 years. Our websites Techshristi & Embroideryshristi are online since 2011.

In the 21st century, marketing is no more limited traditional techniques, it’s beyond our imagination. Now, it also includes Blogging, Search Engine Optimization, and Social Media etc.

How is Marketing related to Blogging?

With Content Marketing, a blogger can transform their blogging approach with the crucial information that they previously missed out.

How is Marketing related to Serch Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization makes demands and Content marketing fulfills those demands.

So, at LoveUMarketing, we don’t teach Marketing only, we teach people to create killer online content. We are not just a repository of marketing content but also includes

  • identifying the marketing concepts behind advertisement campaign
  • teaching people to create online content for online business
  • personal and practical tips for running an online business
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • an online platform to ask a question and get the best answer etc.

For Convenience, we had divided all these into two categories say Love4Marketing and Love4Money. If you don’t want to subscribe to both categories, then you can also subscribe to them individually.