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Direct Marketing

Direct Marketing

In a simple word, Direct Marketing means directly engage with the customers without any intermediaries.Direct Marketing include, email marketing,telephonic marketing,door to door selling etc.

Though now a days we are having various alternatives available, Direct Marketing is still inexpensive and  most influencing way of marketing the product.

Direct Email Marketing

One of the way of doing direct marketing is sending personalized emails and newsletter directly to inbox of customer.

Door to Door Selling

In this person walk from door to door to sell the product. For Example: A person come to your house to sell insurance.


In this salesman called the prospective customer to sell the product or services to them.Getting telephonic for purchasing the credit cards or personal loan is the example of telemarketing.

Another good example of Direct Marketing are Leaflet marketing, Text SMS Marketing, Catalog and Postal Marketing etc.

Recent personalized email of Rate My Government is the latest creative example of Direct Marketing. Almost every Indian citizen got a personalized email from Indian Government asking to rate the government.

Further, if you are registered with any online e-commerce website like Flip kart, Snap Deal, Amazon then you are surely receiving the personalized emails as well as the catalog at a regular frequency of time. These e-commercewebsite keep sending the newsletter on special occasion as well as at a particular frequency saying ‘New Stock Available’ or ‘We are Missing You’.

At last, when we meet the customer directly to increase the brand awareness or to sell the product it is known as Direct Marketing.

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