How To Earn Money From Google At Home?

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Ankita Patel Staff asked 12 months ago

Hello Friends

I have heard many people saying they are making money from Google. I am just wondering, What is this? How one can make money from Google?

Even, I want to start making money from Google. Please suggest how to make money from it.

I have heard something called ‘Google Adsense’ but don’t know, What is this? Request you all experts, please help.


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Love U Marketing Staff answered 12 months ago

Yes, you have heard it correctly. There are many people who are making money from Google at home. Actually, these people are using Google Product called ‘Google Adsense‘ to make money from online.
Next, to make money using Google Adsense account, all you need is an free and approved adsense account along with a website, youtube channel, mobile application or blog.
You can connnect your adsense account with any of this and start making money from it.
Once you connect the approved Google Adsense account, Google will automatically start showing ads on your website or any other applications.
Next, you will get paid for every single views and clicks on adsense ads.
In simple words, if you own a website, blog, youtube channel or mobile application then you can create a free Google Adsense account and once you get the approval, you can start showing ads online and make money from it.
Next, these money will get credited directly in your month account at the payment data and once your reached the threshold limit of 100 dollars.
Assuming you are complete beginner with Google Adsense, I strongly suggest you to please refer the below free ebook created for a beginner.
Introduction to Google Adsense For Beginner
Next, we also suggest you to please refer the below article for advance infromation on Google Adsense
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Pro Tips
Don’t own any website, blog, youtube channel or Mobile Application?
No Problem, you can still make money from Google Adsense without a website. To know how, please refer the below article
Make Money With Google Adsense Without Website