What are the best ways to improve the loading speed of the website?

techshristi asked 2 years ago

Hello everyone;
Can anyone please share the ways to optimize the website and thereby increase the speed of the website. I want to increase the speed of the website, how to increase the speed of loading. Do you think it’s a tuff job?
Please Help. Thanks in advance

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Love U Marketing Staff answered 2 years ago

Below are the various ways to increase the website’s speed and thereby optimize the website

  1. Optimize website images: Read below article to know the best technique to compress the images on a website.
  2. Cached Web Content Properly: Optimize the cache setting of your website. If you are using WordPress blog then you can use the free W3 Total Cache plugin. Install it and it will do the rest.
  3. Minify Js and CSS files: Minify the Js and CSS files to the optimum. For optimization, you can take the help of online CSS optimizer tools
  4. Server Response Time: Monitor Server Response Time and try to Optimize the same
  5. Remove Unnecessary Plugins: Remove unnecessary plugin or module from your website.

Above all the practical and easy tips for Website Optimization and thereby improve the loading speed of a website.
Further, if you own a WordPress website and want to know how to increase the speed to 90+ score please refer the below article

How to Achieve a Google Page Speed Score of 90% or Higher with Your WordPress Website?


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