5 Changes Instagram Should Make to Cater to Marketers

It’s no secret Instagram is an extremely useful tool for marketers. According to a study by Simply Measured, 59% of the top 100 brands are on Instagram, and 41% of those…

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Marketing And Real Estate An Essential Relationship

Marketing And Real Estate: An Essential Relationship

In 2018, 5.34 million existing homes were sold in the U.S. For many individuals, the investment in real estate represents real wealth, which is only realized after the sale of the property….

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NetBase The Nexus of Social Media Analytics

NetBase: The Nexus of Social Media Analytics

With rapidly diversifying business interests, companies need that edge to be competitive within their markets. Social media analytics is one method that assists in understanding their client’s interests. Analysts such…

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5 Best Ways To Do effective Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can be considered as one of the most effective methods available for you to generate a passive income at the comfort of your home. If you do it…

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Pros and Cons of Using WordPress as your website platform

Pros And Cons Of Using WordPress For your Website

There are things we love and enjoy a great deal about WordPress. This is because it offers time-saving features that make the web development much lighter creating a great and…

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Best Apps to Pass the Time While Commuting

7 Best Apps To Pass The Time While Commuting

Commuting to your workplace might be boring when it takes a lot of time to reach. Recent studies have shown that the percentage of people communicating for more than two…

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Crucial Tips When Designing a High-Converting Website

6 Crucial Tips When Designing a High-Converting Website

Many times marketers focus all their efforts on SEO to rank higher, building a social media presence to broaden their reach, and creating lead magnets to build their email list….

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