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ORM Challenges EJ Dalius Knows Entrepreneurs Would Witness

ORM Challenges EJ Dalius Knows Entrepreneurs Would Witness

The 21st century entrepreneurs need to take a 360-degree approach in their business! Other than marketing, business development, networking, and brand building, they also need to take charge of ORM (Online Reputation Management). Initially, an entrepreneur should look into it himself. However as the company expands with more capital and profits, he/she can think about recruiting an ORM specialist.

Why Does Eric J Dalius Consider ORM Essential?

Leading entrepreneurs like EJ Dalius and others have counted on ORM. It has several advantages, the primary one being enhanced brand perception. Today, marketing around brand perception has become a trend. And since more brands are using this tactic, it indicates that the process is gaining prominence. Brands need to present themselves in a positive light so that the online users and customers perceive them in a good light.

Are you thinking what connection does ORM has with it? If yes, then you should know that your reputation is how you are perceived as. That’s how customers and other business leaders will judge you. And managing ORM in today’s digital era is essential. Today, some online trolls and customers write both excellent and raging reviews. Brands must take both in their stride and deal it gracefully and with dignity.

Why does Eric J Dalius consider ORM essential?

It’s becoming challenging to be successful with ORM. For that, entrepreneurs need to understand the challenges that are acting as a hindrance. You can blame it on the internet’s ongoing outreach for this. Obtaining data is very easy. And it is equally easy to share a product experience.

How to overcome the ORM challenges?

There are several ORM challenges. To resolve the same, one should also come up with ample strategies. One single strategy might help to solve one ORM issue. The following problems and the ways to go about it might help entrepreneurs:

#1. The online review websites

So, you think that no one read those product and service reviews? If yes, then you’re wrong! Millions of users and customers visit the online review sites and read through the feedback, review, and opinions expressed by people about a specific product or service. And a huge number of people also base their purchasing decision on these feedbacks and reviews.

The issue with the majority of buyers is that they have unrealistic expectations while unwrapping a product. Sometimes, the minutest of the inconveniences can upset them, and they end up writing a negative review. Most of the online mobile purchase reviews have a similar story. There are others, who have never bought a product from your brand and are present online to troll your brand and its products for fun.

What is problematic is that people take some of these reviews from non-customers to be true! Hence, the first ORM strategy that entrepreneurs need to execute is deleting the silly reviews and keeps the honest and serious reviews. And sometimes, true or serious reviews might be realistic. A customer can write about what impressed her and what didn’t impress her. That gives another customer a complete picture instead of an unbalanced view.

Real Review collected from Real Customer
Real Review collected from Real Customer

Also, entrepreneurs should take time to read the negative reviews as well. Sometimes, it presents a scope where your brand and products can excel. Instead of canceling out the reviews, reach out to the customer through the review site to get a clearer perspective. That way, you can improve your product and brand presence.

#2. Managing social networks

The review websites are social channels but mostly looked upon as customer networks. The popular social networks include Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many more. All social media channels get users from across huge demographics and other interest groups. It comprises of the non-consumers and consumers.

Social Media Networking Sites Use
Social Media Networking Sites Use

There are times when brands get attacked by people on social networks. That generates more negativity for the concerned brand. When users start to write more about their complaints, then the entire act becomes more negative. The bad reviews get intensified. And there might be a few exaggerations as well, which the brand managers or entrepreneurs won’t know.

Entrepreneurs and ORM managers should do all it takes to reduce the negative impact of these complaints. The ideal way out is to use visuals. The social networks respond to visuals well, and so you need to leverage it. You can share product pictures taken by the professionals. That will help you to enhance the brand image if you think the negative reviews are curbing it a bit.

Other than good images, typography, illustration, graphic design can also aid visual communication for the audience. And since visual communication impacts the buyer’s purchasing decision, it can also play an effective role in waiving off negative reviews. Also, when a user writes about his/her unsatisfactory product experience, writing an unconditional apology is a smart solution. You can plan reimbursements or other ways to compensate the user.

#3. Choosing tools

ORM tools are more in number. However, entrepreneurs need to choose the correct ones, as not all provide the best value. So, go ahead and choose the right tools that provide various services from a unique platform. Entrepreneurs can also choose paid and free tools. The only problem with free tools is that it comes with restrictive features. Premium tools, on the other hand, provide access to every feature.

The best premium tools are:

  • Rankur – It helps to narrow down your target audience. It’s reporting capacities are state-of-the-art and provides the brand or entrepreneurs the data, about how a consumer sub-group is perceiving them.
  • Yotpo – It is an essential eCommerce tool, and it jots down online reviews that customers share after using a product.

The best free tools are:

  • Google Alert – It notifies you about content that mentions your brand.
  • Social Mention – It is a free tool and is very useful. It can evaluate the negative and positive comments and also recognizes the comment source.

The majority of brands today use premium tools because it comes with more features and more use. Managing the ORM correctly will help entrepreneurs to create a name for his/her brand in the market. It will also help create a brand persona that most people connect with and would love to recall from time to time. These are a few challenges that entrepreneurs can witness and resolve it with smart tactics.

Over to you

Above three are the major problems that an entrepreneur needs to learn to address it.

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