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How To Increase The Number Of Views On YouTube

How To Increase The Number Of Views On YouTube

Do you have your own YouTube channel, but do not know how to gain high popularity? Do you want your videos to take off at the top of the trends? Then this article is for you!

In it, we will give characteristics of several methods for increasing views on YouTube. We will definitely analyze the smallest details and nuances that will help to gather millions of viewers.

How Does the Number Affect the Channel?

The mechanisms and algorithms of YouTube are designed so that the viewing rate of videos is the most important aspect that affects the promotion of the channel.

Each video clip has its own duration. This is how much time users spend on the channel while viewing the content they are interested in.

Before placing a video in a certain position in the General list, YouTube analyzes the following two indicators:

  • The number of users who viewed the video.
  • Total viewing time on the channel (audience retention time).

If these indicators are always on top, then your work is guaranteed to get into the top of the best. This is why you need to pay special attention to how to increase YouTube views. How do I do this?

Systematic posting of high-quality and relevant content will undoubtedly help. But over time, the channel will stop developing, because the videos simply will not gain popularity.

A number of effective techniques will help to promote videos to the top positions of trends and significantly boost the YouTube channel, which we will discuss later.

Method #1. Creating Playlists and Arranging Videos

This is a fairly simple and simple technique that many people know, but not everyone uses. You should start by creating thematic playlists. The content in them will be linked by a single storyline.

The videos themselves should be placed from standard to the best and most popular. Viewers will watch the video in order (in most cases). Accordingly, users ‘ interest should increase with each new view.

Using this method has the following advantages:

  • the views will include not only the most interesting and relevant works but also less impressive publications;
  • viewers will explore the entire playlist and view all the videos it contains. The audience retention time on the channel will increase dramatically, and you are guaranteed to rise in the rating.

When using this technique, remember that:

  • in videos that are a direct continuation of previous works, you do not need to make standard introductions and screensavers. Immediately start working on new material;
    at the end of the video, you must leave links to the following and previous videos that are linked by a single story.

Method #2. How to Increase Video Views on YouTube by Working Only With the Title and Preview

How can a video attract an unfamiliar user? Of course, with an intriguing title and a colorful preview.

When using this method, follow these rules:

  • Choose the main image carefully. The preview should not only encourage the user to view it, but also give an idea of the main topic of the video. The image must be logically consistent with the content, otherwise, the viewer will realize that they were deceived and stop coming to the channel.
  • The preview and title should be combined in meaning. There must be a clear connection between the name and the image. The title should intrigue the viewer, briefly speaking about the main theme of the video. The image already complements the title and shows a stunning detail, the full disclosure of which will only be in the video. The user wants details and watches the video.

Check how the preview and title text will look on various devices: computers, tablets, and smartphones. It happens that on the phone screen, the title of the video seems long and cumbersome, and the preview is blurred and incomprehensible. At the same time, the computer screen will display the smooth text of a concise title and a colorful picture. Find the middle ground.

Evaluate the results and adjust further actions based on them. You can check the usefulness and effectiveness of previews and titles using YouTube Analytics.

If users will watch your work even if only because of their competent presentation, the channel will quickly advance and gain subscribers.

Method #3. Last Minutes of Videos and the Role of Final Screensavers

At the end of each video, you must refer the viewer to your previous work. Remind users of the importance of viewing previous videos.

After saying goodbye to the audience, you need to extend the audio track for some time (10-20 seconds) and put the final screensaver. It will contain links to other relevant videos, as well as to other YouTube channels (if you have any).

Otherwise, the user would just close the video and leave the channel. Links to other works and the final screensaver serve as a trigger, that is, they encourage the viewer to watch more and more, to stay on the channel longer.

Accordingly, the audience retention time is growing, and you are gaining popularity.

Method #4. Generate Headers With an Eye on the Key Queries

Pay attention to thematic queries with long tails. They must have one base, from which there are various branches. Under this basis, and you need to adjust, coming up with its unique continuation.

Do you want to make a video for a specific topic? Enter the intended name in the search bar and analyze the list of queries. Then, based on the information you get, generate an up-to-date and intriguing title.

Analysis of competitive channels can also help in the generation of titles for videos.

Method #5. Consistent Operation of all Methods

We recommend using this method when working on increasing YouTube views.

Each of the previously mentioned methods works perfectly and promotes the YouTube channel’s indicators in its own way. But if you correctly apply all the techniques at once, each new video will bring views and subscribers.

Over to You

After reading this article, you will know how to increase the number of views on YouTube. We covered this topic in detail and provided as many as 5 methods of working to promote videos on the YouTube channel. Follow these instructions and bring your videos to the top of the trends!

At last, feel free to contact us if you face any problem in implementing any of the above method. We will be happy to help you. You can share your query or feedback in below comment box.

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