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This is a personal diary of a blogger, who loves to blog. If you want to know about him and his blogging journey then read out the below articles.

I am Scared and Confused about my full time blogging decision

I am Scared to Start Full Time Blogging

I am Scared and Confused. Yes, this is for the first in my full time blogging Journey, I am confused and Scared.Don’t know where...
I Regret Not Starting a Blog Earlier

I Regret Not Starting a Blog Earlier 19th May 2017

Yes, I am regretting not starting the blog earlier. Yesterday was the day when I realized this.It was 10 AM in the morning when...
Blogging another source of Income for a person

Don’t Put All your Eggs in One Basket 13th May 2017

Yesterday was the most positive day of my blogging career. This was not because i got any secret to build any money making blog,...
Shree Ganeshay Namh LoveUMarketing

My First Diary Post about Full Time Blogging Journey

Hi, I am Kaustubh Patel, the man behind this blogging website. This is my first diary post on the blog and hopes you will...