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I am Scared to Start Full Time Blogging

I am Scared and Confused about my full time blogging decision

I am Scared and Confused. Yes, this is for the first in my full time blogging Journey, I am confused and Scared.

Don’t know where I am making mistake? I am working very hard since last one month but still the outcome is not up to the mark. This is making me demotivated. Few things that keep me bothering every day are

  • What will be the Hidden Secrets for Increasing the AdSense Earning?
  • How will I manage Multiple Website and Blog?
  • How to Increase number of Subscriber and Followers on my Site?
  • Why No One Comments on Your Blog and What to Do about It?

I don’t know how I will deal with these things. But the things that make me motivated for writing this post are

  • In the last months, I was busy with my Holidays and Social Events. So I do not get enough time for writing my blog post.
  • I had Spent my most of the time in redesigning my sites. Removed lots of technical error from the old websites and I am proud for it

So, these could be the reason for not getting the desired result in the last month.

At last, I had decided the below things

  • It is too early to comment on my full time blogging decision. My New blog has started giving me the CPC rate of one dollar with Page views of Seven only. If planned properly I can also make money from this blog in the long term
  • I will post regularly on my website and blog. Of course, will need to do time and motion study for this

It also reminds me the time when I had started my first website. Even at that time I had not received any money for the first year. But still I continued with my website and today I am not regretting for that decision. So, going with the same decision I had decided to continue with my websites and new blog.

I know the above post is bit confusing and I am not able express my feeling through it. But I already told you I am confused and Scared. The above post is a result of my thought process going in my mind. If any one can help me out, then please do reply to this post.

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