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Starting Your Own Business: Read This Before Quitting Your Full-Time Regular Job

Starting Your Own Business Read This Before Quitting Full Time Regular Job

Quitting your job and starting your own business is not always a good idea. If you’re planning to do so then please hold on. Just read out this article before quitting your 9 to 5 regular job. In this article, I have written on how to start your own business without quitting your full-time day job?

If you’re ever read motivational startup stories online, then you’ll probably find that every article is praising quitting your 9 to 5 regular job and be your own boss.

You’ll feel motivated after reading the article and feel like quitting your job and start your own business. But do you think this will be the best decision of your life?

Of course Not. Quitting your job and starting my own business will never be a good decision.

Then, what will be the best way to start your own business?

Starting A Side Business While Employed

The answer to this question is ‘Side Business along with your Full-Time Job’. You should start the business on your side and then take the decision latter.

To know Why?  Please read my story below.

Side Business along with Full Time Job

Side Business along with Full-Time Job

If you’re following me on my blog, then you will be aware that I am working full-time professional and running three online business websites on the side business. (So I will be the perfect person who can answer this question correctly since I am working on both every single day)

From 9 to 5, I work on my full-time job and then from 9 to 12, I work online on my three websites. I know that some of you would be confused and wants to know that Why I am continuing my full-time job?

The reason for the same lies in its merit. According to me the merit of doing the full-time job along with side business is far better than the doing business or job alone.

Pros and Cons Of Full Time Employment Along with Side Business

The pros and cons of doing the full-time job along with side business are listed below.

  • Days are gone when companies are loyal to their employees. Now, every day, any of the people get Pink Slip. So, your side business will be a good alternative in this case.
  • Side Business means additional and unlimited potentiality of making money. It is additional because your earnings will be in addition to your salary and It is unlimited because unlike regular job here you’re not limited to any constraints.
  • There will be no fear of business failure. If your business idea gets failed then you can continue with your full-time regular job.
  • There will be no pressure to cut down your expenses. So you continue with your standard of living.
  • If your side business gets successful then you can add the same to your resume. Your entrepreneurship skills will give you additional benefits.
  • Your earnings will get increased and thereby you will get happier than before.

So, it is always better to start your side business rather than full-time business immediately.

If you don’t know how to start your own side business then check out the below article. In the below article we have shared some good tips to find time for starting a side business.

How To Find Time To Start Side Business While Employed?

Starting a Part-Time Vs. Full-Time Business

In my case, I have decided to continue my job along with side business. These both the things make me happier and financially more stable.

So, I think you should even start your side business before moving to a full-time business. Once your side business gets successful, take your decision and shift to full-time business.

Of course, in such a case, it is very difficult to manage your social and professional life. But once started you will learn how to manage it.

Today, due to my regular job and side business, I think I am making more money than any other option.

To keep it. Side Business is the easiest and the safest way to become an entrepreneur.

Now your turn. What do you think? Please share your feedback in the below comment box. If you running any business then please share your story with us. It would be a great help to others.

Further, feel free to contact us if you want any help in starting a side business or making one

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