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Guest Blog Post Submission Guidelines

First of thank you for your interest in guest blogging for the LoveUMarketing blog! Below, we have created a guide to take you through the process of submitting a guest blog post article on our blog.

To know more about LoveUMarketing, please refer to our About Me Page.

Please read the below guidelines carefully before submitting a guest post article to our blog.

A Word About Our Audience

Our audience loves reading about Google Adsense, SEOMarketing Strategies, Blogging, Youtube, Make Money Online and Entrepreneurship.

So, every blog post that is related to earning money online is welcome at our blog. But remember your guest blog post simply needs to help our audience in some way. Any articles that are not related to our blog will simply get rejected.

A word about LoveUMarketing Audience

A word about LoveUMarketing Audience

Our Favorite Type Of Content

We accept guest posts on

  • Google Adsense, Webmaster, Analytics.
  • Blogging, Blogging Tips and Tricks, SEO, Backlinks Strategy.
  • Marketing, Content Marketing, Marketing Strategies, Successful Brand, Social Media Strategies, Youtube, Inbound Marketing.
  • Earn Money Online and Entrepreneurship.
  • Successful Entrepreneurship story.
  • Life Hack related to Online Business and Entrepreneurship.
  • Successful Brand, News related to Entrepreneurship, Business, and Marketing, Trending news on Social Media, Case Studies, etc.
  • Product Marketing Strategies
  • Branding and Marketing
  • Case Studies

Below is a suggestive list of topics on which we accept the guest post.

  • How to make money from Google AdSense like Pro?
  • How to create a Content Strategy that drives organic traffic to your blog?
  • How to build a brand for small businesses?
  • How to promote your small business online?
  • How to create a powerful and viral Marketing Message?
  • How to drive organic traffic on your Youtube Channel?
  • How to develop a personal brand after quitting your corporate job?
  • How to make money from trending twitter news? etc.


  1. We do not accept any blog posts on Television Advertisements and Marketing theories.
  2. Guest Posts with basic and beginner information will not be accepted.
  3. We accept all kinds of blog posts including podcasts and Vlogging.
Rules for Submitting Guest Post at LoveUMarketing

Rules for Submitting Guest Posts at LoveUMarketing

Rules for Submitting Guest Posts

To ensure your article gets published, please consider the below points carefully.

Quality of the Article

  •  Minimum 2000 Words.
  • The original piece of work. It should not be published earlier.
  • Use Images and Videos in your article.
  • Do not use any copyrighted information without the prior approval of its owner.


  1. We are very strict about our Guest Posting Policies. We will not accept any guest post below 1000 words and with more than one backlink in it.
  2. You need to share the title of the article before actually starting writing on it. 

Credit to the Article

  • We respect others’ work. Please give credit wherever needed.

Self Promoting your Blog

  • Only One backlink ( either text/ image) is allowed per article.

Other Remaining Rules

  • You need to reply to the comments made in your article. Of course, you will have access to all comments made in your guest post.
  • Update your Profile for getting proper exposure through Author Box. This will also appear beneath your submitted guest blog post.
  • Submitting a guest blog post means you are giving us the copyright ownership of the post. This will help us with any DMCA-related issues.

How to Submit Guest Blog Post?

Please follow the below steps to submit a guest blog post article at LoveUMarketing

  1. Please contact us by submitting the form given at the end of this article. You can also contact us directly at our email id contact[at]loveumarketing[dot]com
  2. If we like your idea then we will create an account on your behalf.
  3. After receiving the login information, click here to log in to your dashboard.
  4. Next, submit your blog post for review.
Submit Guest Blog Post Article

Submit Guest Blog Post Article

  1. Our team will review your blog and will publish the same.
  2. Once published you will have access to all comments made in your article.


Account creation will be a one-time activity. Once we create the account on your behalf, you can submit as many as guest articles you want. In case, if you don’t want to create an account then please contact us directly on our email id

Thank You! We will reply you within 24 hours.

If you have any questions regarding guest posting then you can contact us through the Contact Us page.