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I Regret Not Starting a Blog Earlier 19th May 2017

I Regret Not Starting a Blog Earlier

Yes, I am regretting not starting the blog earlier. Yesterday was the day when I realized this.

It was 10 AM in the morning when I got a call from my broker. He was asking for the registration of my house. ( I am new in the Mumbai City and looking for the ‘Company Lease Accommodation‘) He said ‘It is compulsory to do the registration in Mumbai.‘ Without registration, I will not get the possession of my house.

Now, as per company’s policy, my boss ( one who has the power of attorney) has to go the registrar to sign the rent agreement. So, I was required to convince him on this short notice. Somehow I managed to convince him, but then, I got another call from the broker saying ‘Owner will not able to come today, so we will do it on next Saturday.

Now, What??? Nothing….I can’t do anything….

It was a very difficult situation for me. I don’t understand what should I tell to my boss? How will he react? I was so tense and worried. Further, It has been one month now, and I was still struggling to get the rented house.

Somehow I managed the situation and convinced my boss for the next Saturday.

Next, I realized that I had done nothing for the whole day. All the works were pending on my table. I need to complete this before going to my Guest House.

I managed to finish all the work by 10 PM and then reached to my Guest House by 11 PM.

Really, it was a horrible day. Yesterday, I understood how difficult it is to manage the transferable job. I was supposed to focus on both Official as well as Personal Life together.

Next, for the entire night, i kept thinking about my life. I realized the fact that it is not possible for me to manage the both life together. Only one thing was continuously coming to my mind ‘ It would be better if I had started by blogging earlier‘.

Yes, If I had started it earlier than today the situation would be different. I understood, if I don’t want to face such kind of situation then I need to work hard on my blog. Only my blog can save me from this 9 to 5 Job.

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