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Whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest  or Twitter. This category has optimization techniques for all Social Media Networks. This category includes everything about Social Media Networks. It includes Social Media Marketing, Promotion, Tips and Tricks and Tutorials.

How To Utilise Instagram Stories To Your Advantage

How To Utilise Instagram Stories To Your Advantage

One of the newest forms of social media that is now being utilized by businesses is Instagram. Fundamentally, the site was used by individuals...
Measure Return on Investment of Social Media Strategy

How to Measure the R.O.I of Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

So in case you haven’t noticed, social media is a pretty big deal these days. If you somehow haven’t noticed, you may be living...
automatic post on facebook using IFTTT

How to automatically add WordPress Post to Facebook without any Plugin

If you want to add WordPress post automatically to Facebook or any other social media network then you are at the right place. Here...
How to start a Facebook Group

How to start a Facebook Group?

Facebook Group is a group of people with same interest on Facebook. You can start a Group for your Sport Team, Classmates or School Project...
facebook business page

How To Create a Facebook Business Page

Facebook Business Page can be created for promoting your business, social cause, community, website etc.It will help your potential readers, clients, and customers to connect with...

Hashtag Marketing

In simple language, Hashtag Marketing is a word or group of words written after the sign #. For example: #shareacoke, #embroidery ect. Remember it...