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51 Best Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Website Part 1

Increase Traffic to Your Website

A website without traffic is just like a dead body.

Trust me, If your website is not getting enough traffic then one day it will eventually get died.

The only way to save your site is to drive massive traffic to your website. Hereby, in this article, I am going to share the detailed guide on this. I will share the killer tips to get traffic to your website.

But always remember, getting traffic on a website is easier said than done, especially when you are website is new and no one knows you.

Note: For your convenience and to ensure you understand all the points listed below, we have divided this article into two parts. This is Part 1 and the link to Part 2 is given at the bottom of this post.

In Part 1, I will consider only the 25 best ways to get traffic to your website for free and fast in 2021. And, the remaining 26 ways will be considered in Part 2

Next, if you are under impression that people will automatically find you then I suggest please refer to below statistics before coming to any conclusion.

  • As on date (Mar 2021), there are more than 1.8 billion websites available online. (Internet Live Stats)
  • Out of 1.7 billion websites, over 600 million blogs in the world today,
  • A new blog post is published every 0.5 seconds. (99 Firms)
  • Less than 2% of the bloggers are making money more than $150 per month.

For more stats, I suggest please refer to below article

Need to Know Blogging and Internet Statistics

Now, ask yourself a question? Where does your site stand in this 1.7 billion website?

Almost at the bottom. Right? Remember, if you can’t drive massive traffic to your website then your site is of no use.

Increase Traffic To Your Website Within Week
Increase Traffic To Your Website Within Week

Do you know? The average conversion rate of a website falls under 2% to 3% only. It means only 2 to 3 people out of 100 will purchase your product or service.

Now, if you wish to increase your sales then you need to drive massive traffic to your site. More traffic means more people are visiting your website and thereby more people will purchase your products or services.

Remember, your conversion rate will really not matter if you are not getting traffic on your website.

But, a question may arise? How to drive massive traffic to your site for free and fast. If you’re wondering the same question then this article is a must for you.

In this article, I will share the best ways to increase website traffic. Most of them are free one except few one.

Types of Website Traffic

No matter, how beginner you are? If you own a website online then I am sure you may have heard the term ‘Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic.

This service is managed by Google and available free of cost for all users. All you need to do is create an account on Google Analytics and add its analytical code to your website.

Pro Tip: Instead of adding the analytical code directly to your website or using any plugin, I strongly suggest adding this code using the Cloudflare application. Instead of editing your website code, let’s Cloudflare do the same for you. Yes, this can be done at free of cost using ‘Cloudflare Apps’. For more information, please refer to the below video.

That’s it. Now, you can measure and track the traffic coming to your website.

The below-attached snapshot is of Google Analytics showing different kinds of website traffic.

As per Google Analytics, there is a total of five kinds of website traffic.

The one which can’t be categorized into any of this type (due to any technical problem), are mapped under the ‘Other’ category by Google.

Hence, there are only 5 kinds of website traffic named

  1. Organic Search Traffic: It refers to traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. This kind of traffic is good for your website. This is because this traffic is targeted and users tying query in the search engine has strong intent to find the solution to their queries.
  2. Social Traffic: It refers to traffic coming to your website from various social networking sites. This is another best traffic after Organic. This is because it is available for free and anyone with a social media account can drive this kind of traffic to their website.
  3. Email Traffic: It refers to traffic driven to your website through email marketing campaigns. This is one of the most difficult traffic to achieve. For getting this type of traffic, you need to build a golden list of email ids first. Which in itself is a difficult task? Right?
  4. Referral Traffic: It refers to traffic coming out of search engine that is by clicking on the hyperlink at someone else website. This is another difficult type of traffic to achieve especially when you are new to the online world and no one likes to refer to your site.
  5. Direct Traffic: When someone visits your website directly by typing address in the browser, it is called as Direct Traffic. You will rarely find this kind of traffic. You will require strong goodwill to get this type of traffic to your site.

Besides the above five types of traffic, there is one more type know as ‘Paid Traffic‘.

Since it is not possible to differentiate between Referral and Paid traffic, Google Analytics has not shown this as a sperate category.

The only difference between a referral and paid traffic is – Referral Traffic includes both free and paid reference as well. Whereas, the Paid Traffic include only paid reference or links shared on someone else site.

All Kind Of Traffics Are Not Same

Yes, you heard it correctly. All kinds of traffic are not equally important.

Among the above, Organic Traffic is the best traffic for any website. Your ideal goal should be increasing Organic Traffic.

Trust me, Organic traffic will really boost the visibility of your website for free.

After Organic Traffic, the next in the list is ‘Social Traffic’ followed by Paid Traffic, Email Traffic, Referral Traffic, and Direct Traffic.

Ok. So, they are not the same because they have a different level of difficulty to achieve it.

No. Besides different levels of difficulty. It also has a different impact on the conversion rate.

Users typing a query in a search engine have a very specific intent and if he or she finds the solution at your website then there is a higher chance that you will gain a new customer, followers, or email subscriber.

Whereas on the other side, you will not find this on other kinds of traffic.

Trust me, in the online world, the kind or source of traffic has a different impact on your conversion rate including revenue generated out of it.

In Google Adsense, chances are higher that you will make more money if you are getting the traffic from search engines and the source of traffic are western countries like the USA, UK, etc.

But, due to high competition, this is not possible for all the websites.

Next, if you can’t get the organic traffic then you should start focusing on other kinds of traffic to keep your site alive.

As told earlier, a website without traffic is more like a dead body than alive.

Rather than making your website dead, it is good to drive any kind of traffic to it.

The below article will help in achieving this. In the below list, we have included almost all the practical ways to increase traffic to your website.

How To Measure Traffic Coming To Your Website

Now the next question may arise, how to measure traffic coming to your website.

As mentioned earlier in this article, one of the ways to measure traffic pointing to your website for free is ‘Google Analytics’.

All you need to do is enable Google Analytics or similar kind of service on your site and thereby track or measure the traffic from its dashboard.

But, What if I wan to measure the traffic of my competitors? Will Google Analytics will work in this case?

No, Google Analytics will not help you to spy on the traffic of your competitors. Through Google Analytics you can only track or measure traffic pointing to your site.

But, wait there are few websites that can help you to spy on traffic of your competitors. These websites are listed below for your references.

  • Alexa: Alexa is an SEO and competitor analysis tool managed by Amazon Company. Basically, it checks the popularity of any website by measuring its traffic and thereby rank the website based on popularity. These basic details are available for free. You need to purchase the pro plan only if you want the detailed information on the given topic.
    Just recently in 2019, Amazon has redesigned the Alexa website and now besides measuring the traffic, it also includes many more things like Keywords Opportunities, Keyword Gap, Similar Websites, etc. But, these utilities are only available in the paid version.

    Alexa Embroideryshristi Ranking Website
  • SMErush: SMErush is all in one SEO and competitor analysis tool. Besides measuring website traffic, it includes many other utilities like backlink checker, Keyword analysis, SEO audit, Marketing insight, Lead Generation, Topic Research, Website Ranking, etc.
    SMErush is free for 10 requests per day. Post 10 requests, you will need a pro account to use it.

    SMerush Organic Keywords Data
  • Ahrefs: If you can afford to buy this kind of tool then I strongly suggest giving a try to Ahrefs. There is no free plan available for this tool. Even the trial version is available in $7 for 7 days.
    But, trust me, if you can afford then it is worth buying this tool. Ahrefs is all in one tool for your all SEO needs. It includes everything to grow your search traffic, research your competitors, and monitor your niche.

    Ahref Dashboard

Please Note: At the time of using any of the above tools, please ensure you do not forget to check out the kind and source of traffic the given website is receiving. Trust, it makes a huge difference while analyzing any website.

Never Put All Eggs In One Basket

I am sure you know the meaning of this famous idioms ‘Never Put All Eggs In One Basket‘.

as one could lose everything means never put your all efforts and resources in one area as one can lose everything.

The same things also apply to Website Traffic.

Instead of focusing on one best way to drive traffic to your website, you should concentrate on more than one way.

For example, your website will get dead if it is getting more than 90% of the traffic through Google+. This is because, on 2nd April 2019, Goggle shut down Goggle plus for consumers.

Now, if Google+ is the only source of traffic for your website then you will lose your traffic completely.

Hence, never put all your efforts and resources on one thing. Instead, learn to diversify.

At last, I strongly suggest giving a try to all the techniques given below. Though most of these techniques will work for all kinds of websites, but as per80/20 Pareto principle, 80% of your traffic will come from 20% of these mentioned techniques.

Hence, you should keep a track of all these techniques and at the last, use only those techniques which are more beneficial to your website.

But, please make sure you use more than one technique to protect your website from unsudden loss.

So, What are we waiting for? Let’s start discussing the different ways to increase massive traffic to your website.

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