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How To Start Link Building (With Backlinks Techniques)

How To Start Link Building for your website (With Backlinks Techniques)

Link Building is a process of creating high-quality inbound links to a website.

If you really want to build a successful blog, you need to consider ‘Link Building’ seriously.

This is because Search Engines are considering ‘Links’ as one of the key factors while ranking content in the search results.

It is obvious if you have more number of high-quality links, your content will rank higher in the search engine.

But, for a blogger and online entrepreneur, it is easier said than done.

Though there are many techniques or strategies available online, barring few’s bloggers, most of them get confused when it comes to starting ‘Link Building’ for their website.

Actually, they don’t know, Where and How to start Link Building?

Link Building Strategies

In this post, I’ll share the step by step and complete guide on starting link building.

Note: The links created through link building strategies or techniques are called as ‘Backlinks’. In this article, the term Links and Backlinks are used interchangeably.

There is no doubt that Links are important for SEO. But, this does not mean all the links are equally important.

Only high-quality backlinks will boost your search engine presence online.

But, a question may arise? What are high-quality backlinks? To learn more about high-quality backlinks, please read below.

High-Quality Backlinks

High Quality backlinks are those links which are created naturally.

In simple words, When a blogger or website owner link back to your content assuming it will be useful to their readers, it is called Natural Backlinks.

Such links are created automatically and you don’t need to pay anything for it.

Linking back to your content is completely voluntary in such case.

And, that is why it is called as Natural Backlinks.

For more details, you may refer to this article discussing ‘Natural Backlinks‘ in detail.

But, here it is also important to note that the question of Natural Backlinks only raised for a successful blog.

If you are a beginner then no one will be going to link back to your content voluntarily.

In such a case, you need to implement various link building strategies for your website.

Don’t Worry, this post includes those strategies also.

This article is a detailed and complete guide to start link building.

So, What are we waiting for? Let us learn how to start link building?

1. Know your Audience

Understanding your target audience is a key factor for successful link building. This is because links that people are most likely to follow are the ones that end up with more weight.

And, only those links will have more weight which are related to your auidence.

Hence, link building should be done keeping your audience first.

And, to make your link building process more audience-centric, it is very important to learn about your current audience visiting your site.

You should know, who are your target audience right now and what does the ideal audience look like?

For example, at LoveUMarketing, our audience are mainly those readers who wants to learn Marketing to make money online.

Now, backlinks for my website must be related to these types of audiences only.

Any backlink from a non-related website is of no use. It will be a great plus point if I receive backlinks from websites having same audience type that is ‘Marketing’.

2. Find Websites and Blogs with same Audience type

Once you know your current and ideal audience type the next step involved preparing a list of websites and blogs with the same type of audience.

The purpose for creating this list is very simple. You will try to get backlinks from these websites having similar types of target auidence.

Besides Search Engine Optimization, links from such websites will also helps you in increasing your audience base i.e, to get more number of readers to your site.

3. Create a Master piece content

Now, you know your audience and you also have the list of websites related to it.

The next steps involved creating master piece content to link back to it.

Please ensure, if you want other website to link back to your content then you content must be amazing and sound appealing.

Remember, no one will like to link back inferior content.

Hence, create a master piece content before approaching them to link back to it.

4. Approach other websites to link back your content

Once your master piece content is ready, you need to approach websites (from the list created) and request them to link back to your content.

Trust me, if your content is really amazing then people will not hesitate in linking back your article on your site.

In the below snapshot, I have shown a real example, how a blogger approached me to link back his content on my blog.

Approach for asking a backlink

Now, like the above one, you need to write an email to all website owners and bloggers ( from your list) asking them to link back your content.

5. Social Media sharing

Though this is not the direct step to link building, I still think it is worthy to share it here in this article.

This is because through social media sharing your blog posts will get more traffic and exposure online.

Further, for other bloggers, it becomes easier to find your site and content related to their target audience.

Social Media Networking Sites Use
Social Media Networking Sites Use

In the above example (attached in Step 4), a blogger has approached me to link back to his content.

In this case, he comes to known about my content through social networking sites only.

Hence, social media sharing is another important step to link building. At least for Step 2 and 4, Social media sharing is very important.

That’s it. If you follows the above mentioned steps to build links than you’re doing the right way.

Always remember, backlinks should be such that it increases the traffic to your website.

Moreover, if these backlinks are from the related content then it will obviously look Natural to search engines including Google.

But, make sure your content is related to a website from where you got the backlink.

Google Algorithm is intelligent enough to identify the un-natural backlinks pointing to your website.

What if you’re a complete beginner?

For a beginner, who recently started a blog, the above process to link building will be a little hectic.

It is not possible for him or her to build backlinks easily.

This is because no one will like to link back a new blog having no authority.

So, in such case, how to start link building?

To get the answer, please read to below article further.

Below, I have mentioned a few techniques to build high-quality backlinks for a new branded website started recently.

Backlinks created through these techniques, will improve your domain scores and then you can approach other bloggers asking to link back your master piece content.

Assuming you’re a complete beginner, below I have mentioned out all techniques in a step by step manner for your ease.

So, What are we waiting for? Let’s discuss link building strategies for a beginner with new branded website or blog.

1. Social Media Sharing

For a beginner, this is the easiest way to build first backlink for their website.

In this technique, all you need to do is simply share your website on various social networking sites.

Moreover, you can also mention your website URL in the profile page of the social networking site.

That’s it. This will create backlink for your website for free.

2. Blog Commenting

After the Social Networking site, the Blog Commenting is another great way to build backlinks for new websites.

In this method, you need to find a high authority blog in your industry and thereby do comments on their blog posts.

In return, you can share your website URL while doing comment on the blog post.

3. Profile Creation Backlinks

Next, a beginner can create backlinks through the Profile Creation method easily.

Profile Creation Backlinks
Profile Creation Backlinks

In this method, you need to find websites like Microsoft, GitHub etc that allows you to share website URL in your profile page.

Refer to this article to get the list of websites providing profile creation backlinks.

4. Guest Posting

After implementing above three methods, your website has gain some authority online.

Now, the next method, that you can use to build high authority backlinks is Guest Posting.

In this method, you will write an article for someone’s else websites. In return, the blog owner will provides a free backlink to your website.

For more such techniques, please refer to this article.

Over to you

Barring beginner’s techniques, above link building strategies is the safe way to build backlinks to your content.

Trust me, as far as your backlinks look natural it will not create any problem for your website.

At last, if you face any problem in building links for your website then feel free to contact us.

Further, if you think we have missed out any important points to included in this article then feel free to share the same in below comment box.

Next, do not forget to share your story with us. Tell us how did you started link building for your website? We will be happy to read your story of link building.

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