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Guide To Building Natural Backlinks For Your Blog

Guide To Building Natural Backlinks For Your Blog

Writing the best blog posts and then sitting back tight assuming Google will find your content and rank them on the first page is not correct. Google or any other search engine can’t find your blog automatically.

Here, the role of Backlinks comes. A backlink is simply a link from any other website or blog. Next, if you get a backlink from the already indexed or known website then your content will get discovered easily.

Hence, it is very important to build backlinks for your content. The number of backlinks will decide whether your content is of high quality or not?

I know you may be wondering, how the number of backlinks can decide the content of your quality?

Yes, you are right. The number of backlinks can’t be the only SEO ranking factors.

Building Backlinks For Your Blog

Actually, as confirmed by the CEO of Google, the Sunder Pichai, there are more than 200 factors that decide the ranking of any content in Google. If your blog is performing outstandingly in all these 200 factors then no one can stop it from ranking on the first page of the Google search results.

Next, building backlink is from one of these factors. Though it is not only the concluding factor but a unique relationship has been seen between backlinks and the ranking of the content in the search engine.

It has been generally observed that the content ranking higher in the search engine has a more number of backlinks than others.

Hence, if you want to rank higher in the search engine then it is mandatory to build high-quality backlinks for your website or blog.

Build High-Quality Backlink

But, a question may arise, What is High-Quality Backlink? A high-quality backlink is a backlink which has a positive impact on the ranking of your content.

Next, this will happen only if the backlinks are from high-quality websites with good traffic, domain score, and zero spam rate.

Yes, in common parlance, a high-quality backlink is a backlink from a website or blog having below three things

  • Getting high-quality organic traffic
  • Having a Good Domain Score and
  • Has Zero Spam rate

If the website (from which you have created backlink) satisfied these criteria then your backlink can be considered as a good and high-quality backlink.

But, here is also important to note the term ‘Natural Backlink’. I am sure you have heard the term Natural Backlinks?

Build Natural Backlinks For SEO

Natural Backlinks are those backlinks which are build without asking someone. In simple words, these kinds of backlinks are created by some other person without requesting them to create it.

Actually, Google doesn’t want people to manipulate this factor for ranking higher in the search engine. Hence, it gives more important to natural backlinks over others. If someone links back your content because they liked it then in this case, even Google will like the given content. But, if you ask someone to give a backlink (or paid backlink) to your site and then Google will not like it. Google will consider this as manipulation.

Google has officially confirmed this. For proof, please refer to the below-attached snapshot. Google consider link building as a webmaster violation.

Participate in Link Building Google Violation

Participate in Link Building Google Violation

Now, a question may arise, how to build natural backlinks? It is almost next to impossible to build natural backlinks without asking someone. There is no one who will link back to your content without asking or requesting.

So, in this case, how to build backlinks? Next, I am sure you have seen online many articles claiming different ways to build backlinks for your website or blog. If these techniques will not build natural backlinks then Why do people still using it?

Confused? Don’t worry. The below question will answer all your queries.

If Google or any other search engine don’t like building backlinks then Why do people create backlinks?

Yes, Google and other search engines don’t like the Link Building. They don’t appreciate this kind of work for ranking content on the search results.

But, on another side, Google also welcomes the natural backlinks build without asking or requesting someone.

Hence, if someone links back to your site because he or she really like your content then Google will really appreciate this.

To sum up, Backlink is one of the key SEO ranking factors and it will definitely boost your SEO if you build it properly.

The only thing that you need to take care is the link building should look natural. It means Google and other search engines should don’t know that these backlinks are created unnaturally.

I know you are wondering? How this could be possible? How you can build natural backlinks online?

Very Simple. To get the answer, please read out the below-given article completely.

But, before starting with the different ways to build backlinks, let us first understand how google decide whether the given backlinks is good or bad? I mean how does Google know whether the given backlink is built naturally or not?

There are many different ways to check these. All those ways are discussed below in this article.

Link Exchange Between Two Website: Two Tier Backlinks

This is the first way to identify whether the given backlink is built naturally or not? For example, if you find X domain is linked back to Y domain and vice versa then it means these backlinks are created mutually between two website owner.

Please note, Google doesn’t these kinds of reciprocal backlinks. These kinds of backlinks may attract a penalty.

So, the next question may arise? How to solve this problem.

Very Simple. Instead of using two-tier backlink, try using three-tier backlink. I mean if X is linked backed by the Y and then ask Z to link back Z.

Of course, this could be possible only if you own more than one website or blog. Here, in this case, it is possible, only if you own both X and Z website or blog.

Hence, there will be no reciprocal link back between websites and thereby you will get penalized by Google.

Backlinks Must Be From Related Niche Or Category

The second way to identify unnatural backlinks is related niche or category. If your backlinks are from un-related websites then it will look unnatural to the Google and other search engines.

Un-related in the sense, if you own an educational blog and you get a backlink from Sports related blog.

In this case, one can easily say that this backlink is created by mutual consent and they are not natural.

This is the only reason why people asking for a backlink from related blogs only. This gets more worse when the advance algorithm of Google start categorizing the blog posts instead of the entire domain name.

Hence, in this case, you need to ensure that your backlink is from the related blog posts, not the domain name.

At last, a backlink will look natural if the blog and blog posts from where you are creating backlink are related to your content.

But, a question may arise? How Google can identify the blogging niche?

Very simple. If you check online then there are many websites or online tools, which will categorize your blog based on your available content.

Yes, just check out the snapshot of Semrush below. This snapshot is clearly showing the categorization for my blog.

Blog Category on Semrush

Blog Category on Semrush

Now, just imagine. If Semrush can easily find my categorization, then how could you hide it from Google. For Google, it is a matter of second to categorize you.

Next, based on this categorization, it can easily decide whether the given website is related to your niche or not?

Next, the surrounding content also helps in finding the best category of the blog.

Number of Links On the Given Web Page From Where You Build Your Backlink

This is another unique way to identify whether the given backlink is natural or not? If the given web page link back numbers of websites or articles then Google will easily find you.

In this case, based on the number of domains linked in your article, Google will decide whether the given backlink is natural or not?

For more details, please refer to the given snapshot.

In this above snapshot, you will observe a low-quality content linking a large number of domains in it. Google will calculate the number of backlinks on a given web page and thereby decide the quality of the backlink.

Trust me, getting a backlink from such a place is of no use. This kind of backlink will not provide any kind of positive impact on your site.

Building Large Number Of Indexed Backlinks Immediately and In Big Amount

A normal individual or organization can build a maximum of 40 to 50 backlinks per day. But, just imagine, if you find someone who is building thousands of backlinks every day.

Of course, this will raise the alarm. The same things also apply to Google and other search engines.

But, here it is important to note that this kind of situation will arise only when you build a large number of indexed backlinks every day.

Yes, without indexing your backlinks, they will be of no use. Only the indexed backlinks can boost your SEO performance. Google will come to know about your backlinks only when you get them indexed in the search engine.

I know, many of you may be wondering, how can one build a large number of backlinks every day.

Yes, this is only possible using auto-generating online tools or black hat SEO techniques. And, Google doesn’t like these both the techniques.

If Un-natural backlinks are not important for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) then Why do people build such kind of backlinks?

This is because, When you are a beginner, you don’t require backlinks only to boost performance but also requires it to get your blog posts indexed in the search engine.

Google will easily discover your content provided you have a number of backlinks linking back to your site.

Next, for a beginner, it is very difficult to build natural backlinks. Hence, these backlinks are better than nothing.

In simple words, un-natural backlinks will not boost your ranking performance but will help you in getting your articles or blog posts indexed in the search engines.

Now, a question may arise? How to build natural backlinks for a website or blog? To get the answer please read the below article completely.

Building Natural Backlinks

There are many ways to get natural backlinks. This includes both free and paid techniques to built backlinks.

But, below we have discussed only free techniques to get natural backlinks for your website or blog.

So, What are we waiting for? Let’s discuss these techniques and built natural backlinks for your site.

Guest Posting Technique

The first technique in the list is Guest Posting. This is the best and most effective way to build natural backlinks.

This is because, in this technique, you will get an opportunity to post a high-quality article on someone else.

Next, Google will be never capable to find that this guest posting is done as a mutual collaboration between you and the blog owner.

In simple words, Google and other search engines will consider this kind of backlink as a natural backlink. This is because there are no ways to distinguish this kind of backlink from others.

Note: You can also build backlinks by posting an article on any high authority social media site or article submission website. The same logic also applies to these websites.

Three Tiers Link Exchange Technique

The next technique in the list is three tiers link exchange technique. This technique will work only if you own more than one blogs.

As discussed earlier in this article, in this case, you will exchange link with other sites. But, the only thing you will ensure is that there will no reciprocal backlink in this case.

X will link back to Y and Y will link back Z. But in no case, Y will link back to X.

Broken Link Building Technique

Broken link building is another best technique to build natural backlinks. In this technique, you will identify the broken link and thereby inform the owner requesting to replace the link with your blog post URL.

Of course, this technique will work only if your blog post is related to the broken link.

Next, there are many online website or tools (Broken Link Checker) available to find such broken links easily. You can use these tools to find broken links and thereby contact the site owner to replace the same.

The same technique can also be used for building backlinks from Wikipedia pages. You can find and replace the broken link on the Wikipedia page to build natural and high authority backlinks.

Though Wikipedia backlinks are no-follow but still getting the backlink from such high authority site will boost your website or blog performance.

Wrapping Up

Hence, building backlinks will help you to discover your content easily online. But, if you want to boost your search engine then simply building backlinks will not help you. In this case, you will need to build high quality and natural backlinks for your website or blog.

The above is the complete and unbeatable guide to Natural Backlinks for your blog. Feel free to contact us if you face any problem in understanding or implementing any of the above technique to build backlinks for your website or blog. We will be happy to help you.

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