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10 Ways to Make Money with Your Website

10 Ways to Make Money with Your Website

So finally decided to start a website or blog but bit confused. Don’t know how to make money from it? No problem, in this article we will list out ways to earn money from websites or blogs.

Remember, here we are sharing only those ideas that are related to a website or blog. If you are looking for a way to make money online then please stop here. We had not included those ideas. We assume that you had already started a website or blog and looking for different ways to earn money from it. Of Course, it can take a while to earn money from a website. If something doesn’t work, try something else. Don’t just give up. Below is the various way to earn money from website or blog.

10 Ways to Make Money from Your Website

PPC Advertising Networks

Pay-per-click advertising is the amount paid per click on your ad. The PPC rate of this ad is determined by the advertiser. Some advertisers may be willing to pay more per click than others, depending on what they’re advertising. In layman’s language, it is the amount earned each time a user clicks on your ad.

Advertisers will show ads on your website and you will get paid for every click on those ads. Google Adsense is the best platform under this category, but there are also others like Infolinks, Clicksor, Yahoo! Publisher Network, etc.

CPM Advertising Networks

Cost-per-Thousand Impression is almost similar to Pay-per-click advertising networks. The only difference is the criteria based on which you are paid. Unlike PPC here you will get paid for showing ads on every thousand pages.

PropelleradsAmazon Ads and UberCPM, etc are some of the good CPM advertising networks available in the market. If you get succeed in generating more traffic then this ad network will work best for you.

Online Market Places

You can also make money by selling goods and services on your website or blog. For example, You can sell electronic goods on your website. This kind of website is known as an e-commerce website or marketplace.

You can even sell digital products online. For example, you can sell online songs & music, Machine Embroidery files, etc. These virtual files can be sold directly from your website. This is the best effective way of making money online.

Sell Ad Space

It is another way of making money from your website or blog. You can sell your space for showing ads on your website. The advertiser will pay you for the online ad space you rented to him. You can also earn money by showing banner ads on your website or blog

Of Course, you will charge a different amount for different spaces. The amount charged for the home page will be higher than others. You can sell this space directly or through any ad networks.

selling advertising on your website

selling advertising on your website

Selling and Renting Internal Page

In this method, you can make money by selling or renting internal pages on your domain. Generally, for this kind of method you need to have a high page rank so that people purchasing a page will be able to get some benefit out of it. This method is a bit difficult for a small website or blog who are not so popular.

Affiliate Program

In simple language, affiliate Program is a program where referrers are rewarded for referring businesses. Yes, there are many affiliate programs where you will get paid for referring businesses or product(s). Well Know companies like Flipkart, and Amazon are also paying to drive traffic from your website.

In the case of a product affiliates, you will get paid for every purchase made by the user visited from your website. In short, you will get paid off for referring to your website.

Surveys and Polls

You can also earn money by showing paid surveys and polls on your website. You can host surveys and polls on your website and get paid for every completed survey or answer.

Remember there is no direct way of making money from surveys and polls. Instead, you can show the referring link on your website, and for every survey filled by the user who came from your website, you will get commission paid.

Create an Email List

It is another way of making money from websites or blogs. If you have a website with a high volume of traffic and you are able to convert your visitor into subscribers, then this method will work best for you. Once you build the email subscriber list, you can make money by sending emails related to donations, selling websites, new website launches, affiliate links, etc.


You can also earn money by accepting Donations on your Website. This is the easiest way of making money but is less effective also. All you need to do is to set up a donation button and ask visitors to fund your website. The donation button can be built using PayPal.

Selling Website or Blog

This is not the direct way of making money but you can still make the money by selling your website. You can sell your website or blog for an amount equivalent to your per-year income.

Above all the ways to make money from websites or blogs. If you are using any other method or way to earn money please share it with us. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or queries. You can share your message in the below comment box. SEDO, Free Market, Website Broker, etc are some good platforms to buy or sell a website.

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