#11minutes-Sunny Leone and Aloknath

#11minutes-Sunny Leone and Aloknath
#11minutes-Sunny Leone and Aloknath

This social cause ad made me speechless. Really amazing social campaign. “11 minutes” a short film featuring Sunny Leone and Aloknath cross two million views in 3 days.Title 11 minutes suggest the life get reduce by 11 minute with each cigarette.


In this ad, Deepak is dying and his father Alok Nath want to full fill his last wish. The only wish of dying man was to meet the Sunny Leone. Based on last wish of his son, Aloknath managed to bring the Sunny Leone at his village. But at the end, Deepak get died and message appear on the screen- “Every cigarette reduce 11 minutes of your life”.

This ad campaign clearly bring the message Quite Cigarette or else you will not able to fulfill your last wish.I think our youngster will quite cigarette after watching this ad. This is really one of best social awareness campaign.

From marketing point of view the ad seem to be more appealing if it get connected to the life of your ultimate customer and one can connect the same with their life. Here in this ads this message is clearly represent in 11 minutes.

Each Cigarette will cost you 11 minutes and it can even cost your last wish. So quite cigarette today.

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