New Cello Exam Expert Pen tackles Exam Time Pressures

Cello Pen exam time advertisement
Cello Pen exam time advertisement

Cello Pens is back with its new marketing campaign advertisement.In its new ad, its talk to students who have to face pressure in many ways and from multiple people.

  • In this ad, student sitting in the exam hall recall all last-minute tips to excel in exam paper
  • Then background narration come, “Exam ke time pe pressure dalanewale to bahut hai, lekine aaram denewala shrif Cello Exam Expert Pen Hai”

Since board exam is on the way, this is one of the most effective advertising of this time. It highlights how a good pen that offers comfort while writing can ease the student’s pressures while writing an exam.This ad very clearly highlight the needs of good and comfort pen during the exam.

It is one of the best advertising campaigns of year 2017. Really commendable advertisement and at right time (during board exam time)

All the Best to all Students


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