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To The Driver of Tomorrow: Hyundai

    Hyundai- The Driver of Tomorrow

    What question will come to your mind when you heard the word ‘to the driver of tomorrow‘. Of Course, your Children’s, who will make the nation of tomorrow.

    This year Hyundai is back to pays ode to the Children’s ahead of the Happy Children’s Day.

    In this marketing ad, children’s are playing as if they are driving a vehicle. At the end, a screen appears with the statement ‘To The Children of Tomorrow‘ and ‘Happy Children’s Day‘. Check out this film below

    Hyundai | To the Drivers Of Tomorrow | Children's Day

    Please click and wait to play the video

    Really beautiful campaign ahead on this Children’s day. This reminds us of our childhood. Of course, this campaign was launched under a hashtag #DriversOfTomorrow.

    Now you turn. Please let us know how much do you like this ad? You can share your comment or feedback in the below comment box.

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