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8 Doubtless SEO Ways In Getting Your E-commerce Business Top Ranked in Google

The 8 Doubtless SEO Ways In Getting Your E-commerce Business Top Ranked in Google

Conducting a transaction online and building a website to attract possible customers is an alternative way of selling your goods and services which falls under an E-commerce type of business. Aside from a face to face trade that existed traditionally, E-commerce has emerged as the best way of trading a business effectively and efficiently.

That said, it’s undeniably true that there are lots of e-commerce sites which were created so that people can shop anywhere and anytime they want to. While this may be true, a lot of e-commerce website owners are asking themselves how they can edge their competitors to make sure that they generate a massive number of shoppers on a daily basis.

Hence, in this article, we will be discussing realistic pointers that will help you in optimizing your site’s rank in Google. At the same time, these tips will also help you drive in reaching a wider audience and the ability to increase your sales compared to what you’re used to having.

Familiarize the Algorithms of Google Rankings

According to Google Ranking trends, the average visitors that normally visit on an e-commerce store comes from organic searches. With that being said, it is important that you take a double and closer look to Google Algorithms on how a website is being ranked and arranged.

Consider these ranking algorithms as your guide that you must follow in order to gain a high number of traffics. Bear in mind that Google normally updates their algorithms from time to time so it’s a necessary step that you always catch these updates to make sure that you can continuously compete with Google rankings every day.

Discern the Nature of A Content-Based SEO

A recent report of Backlinko came out and according to it that Google’s average first result in all searches contains around 1, 890 words. This is due to Google’s dynamic changes of Algorithms. Many brands are still choosing the new types of a ranking pattern; however, new updates from Google has shown that Content-SEO still works best.

Furthermore, e-commerce websites with relevant, practical, and beneficial contents tend to rank first in Google. Additionally, some SEO techniques included in pitching marketing ideas through content that educates shoppers before they buy a certain product also increases a site’s traffic.

Target Words and Phrases Relevant to Niches

You have to understand that the competition in Google Rankings is too tight that all e-commerce brand owners have been putting their best put forward to sell their goods and services.  Common keywords, phrases, and words have been used from time to time by different brands and most of them are overused

So, it is best that you work on targeting words and phrases that are unique but are still identifiable by your visitors. Think of relevant and solitary phrases that can be highly associable with the brand that you are selling.

Pitch a Wider Net Through Site Blogs

According to recent reviews conducted by some domain authorities, that contents composed of a thousand words are usually shared compared to the shorter ones. This supports the idea of finding unique and relevant niches so that your e-commerce sites can gain a lot of exposure.

Google has also shared an idea that they reward sites with the best content that either benefit both the owner and the visitor. This is where blogging denotes an incredible outlet for every e-commerce owners to generate unique keywords to expand their reach and more likely generate higher rankings.

Utilize the Influence of Social Media

It may sound cliche, but social media is a new form of more efficient and effective marketing. Reaching out to social media moderators which may include your site can most likely convert a visit and traffic to your online business.

Once you optimize a social media page it exposes more e-commerce store; thus, getting a chance of higher ranking in Google searches.

Build An Excellent Customer Reputation

Some SEO experts like Webmetrix Group Search Engine Optimization believes that building an excellent customer reputation is the best metric that Google will consider to put you on the highest ranking. In order to gain an excellent customer reputation, you must provide good customer service, attend to every customer’s complaints and questions real time, and most importantly highlight their recommendations and suggestions.

Give Promo Discounts to Influencers

A visitor in your website placing and buying your products and services is considered to be an influencer. Take good care of these people. If they are regular shoppers, you can send promotional discounts or vouchers they can use. These influencers will help you share your website to other possible shoppers you might have.

In addition, if these influencers are satisfied with your e-commerce business, they will most likely reach out to you giving you good customer satisfaction report which can increase your business reputation at the same time increasing your chances of audience reach.

Make Business with Popular Suppliers

Once you decide to dive into an e-commerce business, it would be a great start if you work with the world’s popular suppliers. In some statistic studies, if you work directly with famous suppliers, your tendency of heightening the exposure of your business would grow.

Besides, you are also opening doors for the public to know that you are starting up a new e-commerce business and you are being influenced by popular and high trusted websites. Lastly, by working with these popular suppliers, you are easily interacting online to your possible customers which would convert traffic to your site eventually.


Having an excellent SEO for an e-commerce business and having a high ranking in Google will surely give your business an incredible return of your investment. This is the main reason why that you have to be an expert when it comes to coming up with an excellent SEO strategy to make sure that you can edge your competitors in the same field of business you are into.

Hence, considering the most rational techniques outlined above will evidently help you in making your e-commerce business successful regardless of the given number of competitors anywhere in the world.

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