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ITC Launched Fabelle Chocolate Bars Of 60GM

ITC Launch Fabelle Chocalates Bars

After Launching premium chocolate in 2016, ITC Limited is back with Fabelle Exquisite Chocolate bars in India.

Until recently, ITC Limited was offering only premium chocolate in its exclusive hotel stores across India. The price of these chocolates was ranging from Rs. 500 to 2000 per pack.

But now, Fabelle will go out to a wider set of consumers. It will be now available in a small pack of 60 G pricing Rs. 65 per chocolate.

Fabelle Milk Chocolate Bar
Fabelle Milk Chocolate Bar

Soon, Fabelle Chocolate Deck will be available in a small retail store and modern trade like Nature Basket, Reliance, etc nearby you. Now, there is no need of going to an exclusive store of ITC Limited to purchase it.

Of course, the market leader Cadbury will not like this move by ITC Limited. This Milk Chocolate will give a tough fight to Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate.

What do you say? Who will win the fight? Fabelle or Cadbury. Please do not forget to share your feedback in below comment box.

Next, if you have tried this new chocolate bar of Fabelle then do not forget to share your views with us. How was the taste of this new milk chocolate of ITC Limited?

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