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Five Biggest Truths about being a Full Time Blogger

Five Biggest Truths about being a Full Time Blogger

If you are planning to be a full-time blogger then this article is just for you. You must read this article before starting your blogging website. This article list out the “Five Biggest Truths about being a Full-Time Blogger

Being a full-time blogger is the ultimate dream of every person who owns blog websites. Being attracted by the lavish life of the blogger, now everyone wants to make a blog and make money out of it. Today, blogging is the best profession to make the money easily. But, remember like every coin has its two sides, the blogging profession also has its another side. You must be aware of these truths before starting a blogging site. Here are the top five truths about being a full-time blogger and the things no one ever seems to talk about…

Note: Here in this article we had considered only those cases which no one ever seems to talk about. You need to consider this truth if you are planning to make your passion into a full-time career.

Five Biggest & Honest Truths about being a full-time blogger

Blogging appears to be a simple job but in reality, it is not easy. Below are the five biggest and honest truths of being a full-time blogger.

It’s not a Socially Reputable Job

If you want to be a full-time blogger then you must be aware of the fact that ‘Blogging is not a socially reputable job‘. Your parents and relatives will never understand what you are doing. It will be really difficult for you to make them understand your job profile and profession. You need to explain what you do at least once a day.

Not a Primary Source of Income

The second honest truth is regarding making money out of blogging site. Remember, in the initial period it will be very difficult to earn a primary source of money. You need to arrange another source of income for your livelihood. At least, for the first one years, you should not rely on your blogging website.

Blogger never take Holiday

Yes, full-time blogger never takes holidays. Once you start with full-time blogging, it is impossible to stop. You will be always busy in taking notes, drafting blog posts and replying to emails. You will even need to work weekends

Emails & Lots of Emails

Yes, if you become a full-time blogger then you will spend most of your time in reading and be writing lots of emails. Every day, you need to sit in front of a computer screen and spend a day before it. Sitting in front of the computer screen isn’t the only concern. Any extended sitting— such as behind a desk at work or behind the wheel — can be harmful.

Do you know? I used to spend daily 3 to 4 hours for reading and replying to emails. Next, I also spend lots of time sitting on the computer for reading and writing blogs daily.

Difficult to left full-time Job

Last but most important, it is difficult to left your full-time job for a blogging website. You will always feel insecure about your decision. It will keep you bothering whether you made the correct decision or not?

Even your relatives will keep asking you about your decision to leave your job and being a full-time blogger. They will laugh at your decision.

Above all are the top five truths that you will face once you decide to start a full-time blogging website. So be conscious before quitting your job and starting a full-time blogging career. Remember these facts should be kept in mind while making the decision for full-time blogger.

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