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Google Search Reunion ads

Google Search engine Reunion

Google touch the emotional cord of Indian and Pakistani people with its recent ad campaign of search product.

Ad was made with the theme “Partition divide the countries and friendship find its way”.The ad is about the fictional reunion of two elderly men, Baldev from India and Yusuf from Pakistan. It got viral within few hours of its upload on you tube channel. Google has successfully managed to connect the citizen of both the countries through its services.The ad is really amazing and it touch the heart of million Peoples.


  • Ads start with the Baldev showing his granddaughter an old, dated photograph of two children.
  • He tells her daughter about the nostalgia moments with his best friend Yusuf.
  • He mentioned about the jhajariya and the sweet shop of his best friend’s father before India-Pakistan Partition in 1947.
  • Using details of her grandfather’s story, Sumon is able to find the Yusuf’s sweet shop in Lahore and plan a surprise visit of Yusuf on her grandfather’s birthday.

But here, the million dollar question is- “Why google find needs to promote its services?” Google is covering almost 98% of the market and enjoying monopoly in India.

The main purpose of this ad is not promote the search engine. Besides search engine, google is now used for various reasons like weather information,Flight booking etc. Google is trying to promote all these services in a single ad of 3:32 minutes.

Further, the ad is also highlighting the new trend of using google in the mobile.In the ad Yusuf’s grandson is shown as using google in the mobile.

To sum up, google tried to promote below two things through this ad

  •  Using google in the mobile phone.
  • Using google services in day-to-day life.

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