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5 reasons Why I love Gutenberg Blocks in WordPress

Why I love Gutenberg Blocks in Wordpress

Gutenberg, also known as WordPress Block Editor was introduced in WordPress 5.0 and released in December 2018. The initial release was having mixed responses but after 3 years of being released, bloggers are used to this new interface.

In fact today it is been getting converted into a full site editing experience for WordPress.

This blog post will share the top 5 reasons why I love WordPress Gutenberg blocks so much?

WordPress Gutenberg Blocks

Gutenberg was released in December 2018 as a default block editor in WordPress 5.0. Before this, there was a classic editor that you can find almost on every back-end page of the software.

Inbuilt Gutenberg WordPress Block Editor in WordPress 5.0

With Gutenberg, every element in your content is a block. Each Paragraph, Image, Video, Button, etc are individual blocks. You can add content to these blocks and arrange them according to your need.

Besides adding blocks, Gutenberg blocks can also be used for creating more-complex structures like Cover Page, Columns, Pullqutoes, Preformatted Text, and Verse, etc.

Yes, you can use this block editor instead of a Page-Builder plugin for designing your website layout. The homepage of my blog is an example of how to use Gutenberg blocks to design a blog layout?

In simple words, Gutenberg blocks can be now used for adding content and designing page layouts as well.

Below I have shared the top 5 reasons why I love Gutenberg WordPress blocks so much?

1. Inbuilt Gutenberg Block Editor

This is the first and the most important benefit of using Gutenberg. These blocks are inbuilt in WordPress 5.0 and greater. So there is no need to install a separate plugin to use these blocks.

Furthermore, being an inbuilt block editor, you don’t need to worry about its performance and compatibility. It will definitely work well with all WordPress themes and will not slow down your blog.

Gutenberg WordPress Block Editor

2. Designing Blog Layout

As told earlier in this blog post, besides adding content these blocks can be used for designing the blog layout as well.

The home page of my blog (LoveUMarketing) is designed using Gutenberg Block Editor for Free.

This is how it looks? It is really beautiful. Isn’t it?

HomePage Designing using Gutenberg Block Editor

The above layout is been designed using the Cover Page and HTML block of default Gutenberg blocks.

So, now there is no need of installing a separate Page Builder plugin to design your blog layout.

3. Gutenberg Blocks Includes almost all required features

Like a Page Builder plugin, this includes all required features for designing the page layout. Starting from Social Media Sharing buttons to Cover Page, Recent Posts, Adding Videos and Images, etc, all these blocks are available in Gutenberg.

Gutenberg also includes blocks on Verse, Table, Pullquote, Gallery, Text, HTML, etc. Isn’t it interesting?

Besides designing, you can also save these edited blocks and reuse them anywhere else on your blog.

For example, if you wish to add an element to multiple pages then you can save the same and simply call them in when needed.

This will definitely make your life easier.

Reusable Blocks

You can call these reusable blocks anywhere on your blog.

4. No Need for Plugins

Yes, Gutenberg has made many things possible that could only be done with plugins in previous versions of WordPress.

For Example

  • Adding Social Media Sharing Buttons
  • Add Visual Content like Videos and Audio
  • Creating CTA Buttons
  • Creating Table and
  • Creating Grid layout etc.

Now you don’t require a plugin to perform the above-mentioned tasks. This can be easily done using Gutenberg blocks. And, nevertheless, these blocks are more secure than WordPress plugins.

5. Because they are beautiful

There is no doubt in the fact that these blocks are beautiful. You can use these blocks to design a beautiful layout for your blog.

Besides adding elements it also offers many customizations to it. You can also add the background color or change the text color in any given block.

Typography and Custom CSS element can also be easily added to the Gutenberg blocks.

So, you can design each individual block differently as per your requirement. Now, there is no need to log in to your file manager and edit CSS files or install a plugin to change the layout.

Gutenberg blocks are fully customized.

Over to You

These blocks are fully customized and easy to use. I strongly suggest using these blocks instead of using a page builder plugin on your blog.

At last, do not forget to share your valuable feedback about Gutenberg blocks with us. What is your experience in using these blocks? Kindly share your experience in below comment box.

And, feel free to contact me or leave your message below in the comment box in case you need any help in using Gutenberg blocks in WordPress.

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