What Happens When You Run Your Online Business On Automation


Did you ever hear this news? I am sure, You will say ‘Yes’, We are aware of this news. Very soon, Machines will replace the Humans and many of us will lose jobs due to automation.

Economic Times Automation in IT sector News
Economic Times Automation in IT sector News Image Source

But, did you ever taught what will happen when the business will be on automation? No, then check out this. This is What Happens When You Run Your Business On Automation?

Amazon Review
Amazon Review

These are the reviews of one of the product on Amazon Store. Yes, we are not joking. You can find this product at this link.

If Amazon has deleted the product then you can also check the same in below video. We had captured all the comments in the below video.

This is a good example if you are running an online business. For an Online Enterpreneur, this case indicate that

  • Never automated Online Business Ideas.
  • Human Intervention is alway required to run Online Business
  • If you are using Dyanamic Pricing for your website, then please do check the price of product on periodic basis.

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