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5 Reasons Why Social Media Is Important To Your Business

5 Reasons Why Social Media Is Important To Your Business

According to one study, there are more than 4 billion social media users in 2019. Now, just imagine, if you want to grow your business then these social media sites will be the best option for you. You will easily find the potential customers on these sites.

Hence, Social Media sites are very important today. If you really want to run a successful business then you need to grow your presence on these sites.

Trust me, Social Networking sites are so powerful that if manage properly then it will definitely gives good results to you.

Importance of Social Media

Have you ever wonder? Regardless of Industry or Organization size, Why companies keep investing in social media sites. Whether it is a big or small organization, today, almost all the companies are available on these sites. This is because,  the Social Media sites is the best place to gets free customers and thereby increase your sales.

Next, if you are confused, Why Social Media sites are so important for your business? then, you must read the below article completely. Below, we have share the top 6 reasons and benefits of using social networking sites for your business (with examples).

So, What are we waiting for? Let’s discuss the importance of Social Media for business below.

Get New Customers And Increase Sales

Yes, you heard it correctly. You can increase your sales by using Social Media sites.

For a proof, please check out the below attached snapshot. The below snapshot clearly show that how #Vodafone company get a new customer on Twitter?

Now, just imagine. What if Vodafone was not available on Twitter? In such case, they would not have got the new customer. Right?

So, create an account on social media and then get new customer and increase sales.

Get Customers and Increase Sales

Get Customers and Increase Sales

Customer Support Service

Customer Support Service is another reason for being on social networking sites. Today, companies are using social sites to provide support services to their customers.

The below snapshot will clarify everything. Hence, it is very important to create and manage social accounts online.

Customer Service

Customer Service

Do you know? We at ‘EmbroideryShristi’ also providing customer support service through social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr etc. The below snapshot is the proof.


To Build Or Showcase Your Reputation

Yes, Social Media is also important to build or showcase your reputation. A brand name with more number of social followers has more reputation than other.

All the big brands or Companies like Microsoft, Apple etc. has millions of followers online. Do you know? Your favourite Google, has more than 27 millions followers on facebook itself.

Social Followers Online

Social Followers Online

Similarly, in a small organization, number of followers plays an important role in building reputation or brand. A business with more numbers of followers is considered more successful than other.

In fact, in our personal life, a photo with more number of likes is considered better than the other photos.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is another important benefit of using social sites. Social Signals are very important to rank higher in the search engine. A web page with powerful social signals will easily rank on the first page of the search results.

Next, this is only reason why an online entrepreneur or blogger share content on various social sites and keep a trace of it.

In fact, there are many online websites that find content that is most shared on the social channels. For example, Buzz Sumo.


To Do Important Announcement

The last but not the least, benefit of using Social Media sites is ‘Announcement’. As said earlier in this article, there are more than 4 billions peoples using social sites today.

Hence, it becomes an important means for making any announcement or passing information. Today, Social Media sites are the cheapest medium to communicate with others. With in few clicks, you can easily go online and connect with others.

A company can use Social Media channels to promote or launch a new product or brand online Taking the same example (discussed earlier in this article), if Google wants to promote its new product or service online then Google simply needs to create new post promoting its product or service.

Next, within a minute, more than 27 millions will check this post online.

So, just imagine. You can contact easily end number of people online at free of cost.

This is what the Social sites can do for you?


From above, you can easily observe, how important the social media channels are? Regardless of Industry or Organization size, today, social media sites are very important for your business growth.

Trust me, you can’t imagine the successful business with social media presence.

Lastly, What is your reasons to use Social Media channels? Please do not forget to share with us. Next, you can also contact us if you think we have missed out any important reason to mentioned in this article or you need any help in understanding the any part of the above content. We will more happy to help you.

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