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How Online Business Help Me to Follow My Dreams And Start Own Business

I want to Quit my Full-Time Job. If the same thing is going in your mind then you are at right place.Read this article before quitting your full-time job. Here, I will share my story on how I managed to start my own Online Business while working full time.

Being from Gujarati Family, where ‘Entrepreneurship‘ is respected almost as a religion, I always want to start my own business. But, starting your own new business without any family support was itself the biggest challenge.

I don’t have any capital and experience to start my business.So, I decided to join an FMCG company on a full-time basis and start saving money for the business.

I was very lucky that I got the good package at my first job only. I got selected in the campus with a very good package.My parents were very happy and they don’t want me to quit my job and start my own business. They wished I should pursue my career in the corporate world.

Next, I was making a good money and it was not possible for me to Quit my Job and Start my own Business. I was always forced to continue my job and forget my business. Even it requires guts to Quit full-time job and start a business.

Now, I was in such a situation where it was not possible to Quit my job and start my own business.

Invest in your Online Business

Invest in your Online Business

Next, I was constantly looking for a way to start a business while being full time employed. Here, then the Online Business came as a boon for me. It resolves all my problems.

In Online Business, it is possible to do business along with full-time employment. It was the only way to pursue my dreams without quitting my job. So, finally, I started my own online businesses.

I started a blogging website and online store selling ‘Embroidery Designs

If you are wondering how I managed to get free time for my side business then check out this article. In below article, I had written about ‘How to Get Free Time For Your Side Business’

How To Find Time To Start Side Business While Employed?

So, slowly and gradually, I managed to start my own online business and start making money out of it. Today, I am making 10 dollars per day from my online business.

Yes, I am making $10 per day. I know this is very small amount. But before making any conclusion please read out these

  • Two years back, I was freshers and do not have any capital to start a business. Today, I am not fresher and have enough capital for my business.
  • It is good to earn 10$ per day rather than sitting and earn nothing.
  • Now, Just because of these 10$, I can follow my dreams and start my own business without quitting my job.

So, it was a good decision to start Online Business. Today, just because of this I am in such a position that I can start my full-time business without quitting my job. Online Business helps me to follow my dream and start my own business. To know how I started my business and making money online, refer the below article.

How to Start a Business Online with No Money

My main purpose of writing this article was to make you aware that it is not necessary to quit your job to start a business.

Now, your turn, If you face any problem in starting an online business then feel free to contact us. You can share your message in the below comment box. Further, we also request you to please share this article with your friends. Share this article and tell them that now you can start your business from any place and at any time.

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