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Your All Time Favorite Parle G Is Back With Rakshabandhan Special

Your All Time Favorite Parle G Is Back With Rakshabandhan Special

If you’re born in 90’s or before that then I am sure  Parle-G will be your all-time favorite biscuit. On this Rakshabandhan festival, the same Parle-G biscuit is back with an awesome advertisement #YouAreMyParleG.

This cute advertisement by Parle-G highlights the beautiful relationship that exists between every brother and sister during their childhood.

The ad starts with a series of small fights between a brother and sister and then suddenly the sister gets a fracture in her leg and her brother starts feeling lonely without her. In the next scene, her brother is shown with a plate full of Parle-G biscuits used to build a house on it.

In the end, a message pops up saying this is the original life story of Mr. Omkar Todkar from Pune. It also insists you to share your #YouAreMyParleG story with them and it could be their next film.

This great short film was released on 20th August 2018, a week before the Rakshabandhan Festival 2018 Celebration in India. The same advertisement has been released in Hindi, Tamil, Gujarati and Bengali language. Within one week, this advertisement has got 4 million views on the youtube.

You will find this great advertisement below.

Really awesome advertisement by Parle-G company. People are loving this advertisement. The comments on the youtube channel in itself is proof of great advertisement.


From a Marketing point of views, the festival is always the best time for branding your product or services. Here, in this advertisement, you will find that it is totally based on the relationship between brother and sister and it was released a week before the Rakhi festival in India.

Such kind of advertisement trigger consumer emotion and the company get succeeded in increasing its sales.

This advertisement was launched with a hashtag #YouAreMyParleG

The ad will be more powerful if it was released with a Social Message.

Now it’s your turn. What do you think? Please do not forget to share your feedback in the below comment box.

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