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Pay-Per-Click Advertising- How Does the Landing Page Play an Important Role in Increased and Faster Clicks?

Pay-Per-Click Advertising- How Does the Landing Page Play an Important Role in Increased and Faster Clicks?

Most online businesses find it difficult to tackle the competition for Page 1 ranks on search engines. There are search engine optimization strategies however, search engine optimization takes at least 6 to 12 months to show results. An online business owner should hire good experts in the field to work consistently on campaigns for increasing search engine ranks on Google. However, still, businesses lose patience and witness slow movements. It can be frustrating, and most online businesses lose hope when it comes to the generation of new leads fast.

How can Pay per Click Advertising for online businesses help?

Pay per Click advertising is perfect for those businesses that are looking for the generation of new business leads faster.  There have been positive results for some businesses who have witnessed a good response even within a few hours or days of launching. Now, if you go to Google and see its search results, you will see some ads that are at the top of its results page, these ads are PPC advertisements. With the aid of Google AdWords, a business can display its ads at the top of the page and increase brand presence and awareness. As the name “Pay Per Click” says, the business will only pay when an online visitor clicks on the advertisement. If the visitor sees your ad however does not click on it, you do not have to pay anything. PPC advertisement campaigns are much cheaper than paper and television advertisements though several people are looking at the advertisement frequently. 

PPC experts and keyword research

 In order to get the best results from PPC campaigns, business owners should hire experts that are experienced and skilled in PPC strategies. They will do keyword research for your business. Professionals in the field of PPC will check on the specific Google searches that business advertisements should show for. For instance, if one owns a pet supply store in Austin, Texas, your business ad should be displayed when an online visitor search for a store that sells pet food supplies in Austin, Texas, however, you would not want your advertisement to be displayed if an online visitor searches for pet clinics. There are thousands of search phrases used in Google and experts in the field of PPC will determine when your business ad should be shown to online searches and when not to.

The landing page on Pay Per Click Advertising – is it working for your business?

If the online visitor clicks on the pay-per-click advertisement, the page that opens is known as the landing page. Experts in PPC advertising take the onus of preparing the landing page for you. This landing page must be carefully created and optimized. The group of PPC experts ensures that this landing page is designed properly with the company details. This page should have the contact number and email in prominent spots so that online visitors interested to contact you can do so easily. In fact, the landing page plays a crucial role in the field of PPC advertisement. Though, it is hard for online business owners to fully understand what is PPC management, these skilled and experienced experts make it simple for them. With PPC advertising and management, these experts will drive highly qualified targeted traffic to your business website and help your company to grow faster!

How to convert the landing pages better?

It is obvious that if you can convert landing pages better, you get the chance to make more money and earn improved returns on investment on your business. Now, when it comes to a landing page, there are both good and bad landing page designs- they play a vital role in improving the sales conversion for the business. For instance, some landing pages have too many options on the scroll bar, have one call to action, have very small fine print that is too small to read with the naked eye for some and a lot of options in the footer navigation. As a business owner, you might think that you have a good landing page with offers to potential customers. However, PPC experts might need to work on your landing page as though it has several options; it generates fewer clicks.

For instance, in the case of the above landing page, they will remove most options in the scroll bar and just keep the “apply” feature, make the text easier for online visitors to read, add a call-to-action  to every section of the landing page and reduce the number of options in the footer navigation. In this way, they will make some changes in the landing page of your business to give you a better volume of clicks that again lead to improve returns on investments and sales. In short, if a landing page has too many options, visitors will click on the wrong areas that will not lead to online conversion.

The need to engage the customer for better lead conversions online

A good landing page should always engage the customer. For instance, one can have their customers answer questions to an online quiz to find out more information about them. In this way, the product or the service can be customized to their needs. Once the right product or service is customized to the needs of the potential customer, the lead conversions of the business increase. Note, in such a page there are no sales pitches at all. If a landing page simply asks the customer to enter name and email IDs, most online visitors will not wish to sign in. However, if a landing page has a short quick to engage the customer, the sign-in rates are more and lead conversions to increase drastically.

Therefore, in any PPC advertising campaign, the landing page does play a crucial role in driving qualified targeted traffic. With the help of experienced PPC experts who are skilled and trained in the field, an online business can get faster leads and grab a competitive edge in the market with success! 

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