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Promote Business Online

Promoting Business

Have you started a small online business recently? Wondering how to promote your business online at a very low-cost? We are here to help you out. Below are the various tools available to promote your business and products efficiently.

Social Media Marketing

Whether you are running a small or big company, almost every company is now using social media for marketing a business. One of the ways of promoting a business on social media is through a business fan page. Business Page will help you in growing your business and keeping the audience engaged.

Social Media

Social Media Sharing

One can easily create a fan page with a business name and small blurb. It will help you to promote your brand, socialize and send messages to all your fans easily.

If you are looking for social media outreach, then create the business page on all social media websites. These business pages will help you in promoting your business to your potential customers.


You can also promote the business by using an online signature at the end of an email, message, or post. While writing any email or replying to any message over social media do not forget to add a signature at the bottom of the post. This will help you in promoting your business with your prospective customer. You can even use your business name at the end of your post while posting or replying on any website or forum.

Advertising through Banner

Another way of promoting business is through a banner advertisement. It is not the greatest way of promoting the business but this will help you in promoting your products. One can also promote the business through sharing banners or posters on a business page or other’s website. Creating banners has now become the needs of every marketing expert.

Below is a list of some websites which allow you to create a beautiful banner at free of cost

From the above list, we recommend Canva.Com for making a beautiful banner. It helps in creating beautiful and professional banners at ease.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is another way of promoting your business online. It’s a great way to keep and win new customers while keeping the marketing costs manageable and lowest. This will also help you in sending personalized emails and reinforcing the brand.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing for promoting small business

It is important to make sure that you have the prospect’s consent before sending the emails. Sending emails without consent will be considered spam emails.

If you do not have the list of prospective customers for sending the emails, then you can also take the help of Yahoo or Google Groups for sending bulk emails. Of course, sending spam emails is not advisable and allowed in some countries but this will help you in promoting your business without spending a single penny. We strongly recommended not to promote your business through spam emails.

Top 3 Free Email Marketing Websites

At last, I request you to please check out Maid Marines (an NYC maid service) for example, they have a simple but clean email signature to help promote their business.

Link building strategy

Link building strategy helps in improving website ranking in the search engines.  A link pointing back to your website is considered to be a positive “vote” for the content on your page. You can start building the SEO link by sharing the link back mutually.

For Example, X will share the link of his website on Y’s website and Y will share the link of his website on X’S website mutually.

Ad word

If you can afford to spend a minimum of 200$ monthly on your marketing and promotional strategies then you can promote your business online through Google or Facebook ad word. This will help you to reach the ultimate prospect customer easily.

Google Adwords Service by Google

Of course, $200 monthly can seem a bit pricey, but it can be an effective way to improve your business strategy. Next, please consider how these loans can help cover these costs throughout the year!

Viral Marketing

Another free way of promoting the business is through viral messages. Write a small message on any viral news and spread the same over the internet. Of course, at the bottom of the message, you will use your signature or name of the business to promote the same.

Free Samples

One of the best ways to promote your business and products is through sharing free samples. Free samples allow you to show the quality of your product and thereby your customer will revisit your website for purchasing the same in the future.

Contest Organizing

Organizing Contests is another way of promoting business and product. Organizing contests will help you in promoting at a large level. But organizing a contest with a great idea that will make the prospective customer excited to take part is difficult.

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