Can I Link two Youtube Channel with one Adsense Account?

QuestionsCategory: YoutubeCan I Link two Youtube Channel with one Adsense Account?
techshristi asked 3 years ago

It is possible to link two youtube channel with one Adsense account? How many channels can link with my Adsense account?
Thanks in Advance

2 Answers
Love U Marketing Staff answered 3 years ago

You can link as many as channel you want with one single Adsense account. Currently we has linked three Youtube Channel with our single Adsense Account.

surjith answered 1 year ago

hai. I have one problem with my Adsense. recently I created the website and when I applied for Adsense it said like this.   We’ve found policy violations on Youtube Channel that are preventing your site from being approved.

Account related to a disabled account Our specialists have found that your account is related to an account that was disabled for violations of AdSense policies. Publishers whose accounts have been disabled are not eligible for further participation in the AdSense program.

View the Content policies or visit the Help Center for more information. After you ‘ve fixed the violation, you can request a review of your site.

I confirm I’ve fixed the policy violations on Youtube Channel it’s my old youtube account and now I removed it. its saying violations on my youtube account.  how do I get Adsense to approve for my website? is there any solution ?? please tell me.