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7 Ways To Stay Motivated to Blog

7 Ways To Stay Motivated to Blog

Staying Motivated is not an easy task, especially when you are in the profession which is not famous. If you are running a blog online then you are surely aware of this.

Bloggers always start a blogging site with lots of enthusiasm. But with the passage of time, they get demotivated and ran out of the business. Unlike other Profession, in blogging, you are responsible for self-motivation. Further, in blogging, you will not make money immediately. It will take at least one years to start making money from it. In this scenario, it becomes necessary to keep yourself motivated and keep working on your blog. If you are facing the same problem then this article is for you.

How To Stay Motivated To Blog?

Below we will mention the top 7 ways to keep yourself motivated for blogging.

Keep Dreaming at Night

Yes, this is the best way to keep yourself motivated. When you go to bed, just imagine you had started making money from your blog. Your dream comes true and now your blogging site is making millions of rupee without doing anything. And, automatically, you will start feeling motivated for your blog.

Reward Yourself

Another way to stay motivated is to reward yourself for every achievement. Even if it is a small achievement do not forget to share it on Social Media. It will keep you motivated to blog.

Embroideryshristi Facebook Page crossed 3000 likes

Embroideryshristi Facebook Page crossed 3000 likes

Story of Successful Bloggers

If possible then get in touch with successful bloggers. This will keep you motivated to blog. But if it not possible or you’re not in touch with any blogger then you can even read their success story to keep yourself motivated.

Don’t worry. You don’t need to go anywhere to read these stories. Just do Google Search for such stories. Read about them for example, What is their current income, how much time they had taken to reach this position etc. It will keep you motivated to work on your blog.

Think about your Job and Boss

If you are doing a job then you can understand this easily. Whenever you feel demotivated, just think about your job and your boss. You will automatically start feeling motivated for your blog.

Just think, once your blog starts making money for you, you will leave your blog and will become independent. Your blog is a way to leave your job permanently.

Check your Balance

This technique does not work every time, but if you are making some amount of money from your blog then this will surely work for you. Check your Bank Balance, Affiliate or AdSense Account to keep yourself motivated.

See, this is what we got today in our AdSense Account. Surely, this will keep us motivated to continue with our blog. Still, the entire day is left and we are expecting more than 50$ today.

AdSense Earning for Blog

AdSense Earning for Blog

Track your Success

It is another good way to stay motivated for your blog. Just check out where you were one year back and within this one year where you had reached.You will surely feel motivated after looking at your achievement in last one year.

For example, When we started our website, we had zero likes on our fan page. But today we are having more than 3000 likes on our fan page. This keeps us motivated to work more on your website.

Tax-Free Profession

Yes, blogging is a tax-free profession in most of the countries. For example, if you are running a blogging site in India and making money from Google AdSense only then it will be considered as ‘Export‘ and no tax will be levied on it. This is because ‘No GST is levied on Export

Of course, it is not applicable to all bloggers. But, we thought it is an important factor. So we should share it here.

Please note

  • We are discussing commercial taxes.You will be liable to pay Income tax on your AdSense Earning.
  • It is not tax-free in all the countries. So, request you to please consult your tax practitioner for this.

Now your turn, if you keep yourself motivated in some other ways then please do share the same with us. We will be happy to learn your ways to stay motivated to blog. You can share your ways or feedback in below comment box.

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