New Red Lable Brooke Bond Advertisement #TforTogetherness

New Red Lable Brooke Bond Advertisement

New advertisement campaign of Red Lable Brooke Bond addresses the issue of loneliness this time. This new advertisement launched under the campaign Swaad Apnepan Ka and it will make your cry.

  • In this ad, a lonely elderly woman is suffering from Alzheimer
  • Next, a young fellow visit her and prepare a cup of tea for the Woman
  • The Woman who has been in shock, come alive with one sip of tea
  • Next, she engages in a conversation with the young man whom she believes to be her son.
  • At the end, the young man say (in background narration) he is not her son and she  has mistaken a neighbour to be her son in view of her affliction.

Really amazing advertisement by the Red Lable. This ad is launched under the hashtag #TforTogetherness.

It remind us the previous ads of Red Lable. In the past, Brooke Bond has associated itself with social issues such as inter-religious tension etc.

What you say about this new advertisement? Share your opinion in the below comment box.

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