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How to Push Down Negative Search Results Online

How to Push Down Negative Search Results Online

So You Got a Negative Review, Don’t Get Panic. This article will help you to deal with such negative reviews.

Pushing down negative search results and ensuring they are out of sight in Google can really help you protect your business reputation. Here is how to do so.

Social Media Profiles

The creation of lots of social networking profiles is the foremost strategy that needs to be implemented. These profiles need to be entirely populated and used. Of critical importance is the final part since the social networking profiles being created should be put into action as opposed to them just being created.

For instance, social networking profiles that are created on tend to die down as a search return and positive resource when the service isn’t used although they may show up for a brief moment. Yet, creating a Twitter account through the signup process and going ahead to use the account every day will be better off.

Social Media Networking Sites Use
Social Media Networking Sites Use

I have continuously signed up with the following sites which end up generating high search returns thereby knocking down the negative ones:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google Profile – A strategic and fantastic path towards the creation of a personal branding page. Still, for more juicy content, go through the Personal Branding series.
  • Quora – It supposedly has fantastic SEO. Sufficient contribution needs to nevertheless be fronted.
  • LinkedIn – Although I may not be its biggest fan, it works.
  • YouTube – The creation of video content will take almost everything back a notch. It can be a challenging task. You have to implement this well, with consistency, and intelligently.

These are five sites that reputation management experts VelSEOityrecommend, that aren’t too complex when it comes to their maintenance. If time and the necessity are there, you or your client can go ahead and build this list.

Start Blogging Regularly

To push down negative search results, this has to be amongst your most worthy allies. Strategically, you can also use keyword research tools or Google Adwords.

For instance, you can embark on the determination of the keywords associated with the negative pages and links. Thereafter, you can start blogging against such keywords within your tweet, blog posts, and much more.

Lots of time and effort will be required to outmaneuver them but eventually, you will come out on top. Ensure that the linkage between your blog posts through separate properties is enabled by the use of those keywords.

One Important Point To Create Successful Blog
One Important Point To Create Successful Blog

Don’t Reference Or Link To The Negative Content

Linking to negative or offensive websites or blog posts is one of the greatest blunders that a majority of individuals make. This can adversely affect your efforts when trying to clean up the search engine results. Never link to such blog posts or websites.

Valuable link juice will be provided when this is done. This notifies Google and other search engines that the pages are still relevant. Simply put, you are literally digging your own grave by going on with this.

You can form a conversation around the criticisms or provide wise answers to them through your conventional website or blog posts. As time passes, this will have a positive effect on keyword generation which previously had negative denotations. They will start turning positive with time.  

Maintain An Engagement Including Rewards With The Positive Results

Prompt and direct engagements with positive results need to be embraced as soon as you receive them. These results can come from tweets, forums or blogs. Make sure you thank them for the results. You can take an extra step to blog in regards to the positive feedback that you have received. Besides, you can adopt it within your other collateral.

The creation of links geared to these positive results that emanate outside your organization needs to happen. Rewards should be given to the individuals who poured out candid praise. You need to take note of the positive blips and strive to ensure they become even more popular. I appreciate them and provide them with awesome feedback. Don’t ignore doing this task!

Reviews From Real Customers
Reviews From Real Customers

Come Up With A Media Coverage Page

One effective strategy is the creation of a “Media Coverage” page or Press Page that is updated consistently. This page should display fresh and appealing positive references that are critical for your brand and business. Its implementation, as well as maintenance, is easy.

Heck, you aren’t tied. Solicitation is an alternative you can go for. Request for testimonials if you are bold enough. This can achieve impeccable results. Associations with other positive brands, individuals, and businesses can be born. They may not be experiencing a lot of negative feedback compared to you.

The Final Words

Positive and Negative reviews are the two sides of the same coin. It is not possible to get positive reviews only.

Both positive and negative reviews run side by side. If you are getting positive reviews then the chances are also higher that you will get the negative reviews about your business.

Remember, Negative Reviews are also a part of your business. It will help you to identify your weaknesses and thereby improve your performance. Trust, Negative reviews are very important for business if treat properly.

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Next, though you can’t stop getting the negative reviews completely, the above article will definitely help you to reduce its number.

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