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Self-Taught SEO is Good for Bloggers

Self Taught Search Engine Optimization

When it comes to Blogging, Search Engine Optimization plays a critical role in its success.

With these optimization techniques, you can rank any content higher in the Search Engine.

Now, this SEO can be learned through certification courses or self-taught by trial and error methods.

This blog post is about self-taught SEO. It will tell you, why self-taught SEO is good for bloggers.

But, before moving forward, let us first understand what is self-taught SEO. Later, we’ll discuss its benefits.

What is self-taught SEO?

When you do not hire an SEO expert and do it on your own then it is called self-taught SEO learning.

Of course, it is possible to learn Search Engine Optimization on your own. However, the first thing to do is convince yourself that SEO is not hard and you can do it.

All it requires is the willingness to learn and time. If you’re willing to learn SEO then no one can stop you.

I’m sure the self-taught SEO is clear now. Let’s move on to its benefits and learn Why it is good for you?

1. Self Taught SEO available for Free of Cost

Yes, you heard it correctly. Self-Taught SEO is available for free of cost. Here, you will learn Search Engine Optimization on your own either through reading others’ blog posts, watching youtube videos, or listening to podcasts.

Online is a great place to learn SEO on your own. And, the good news is that- it is available for FREE of cost to all users.

Unlike Paid SEO experts, here you don’t need to pay anything to learn SEO online.

All you need to do is Google Search SEO tutorials and implement the same on your blog.

By trial and error, you will find the best SEO practices for your blog.

2. Things learned by doing work are better than hiring someone else for it

Yes, learning by doing is the best principle to follow in Search Engine Optimization.

Don’t overthink so much. Simply, sit and start doing it now. This is the only mantra to build a successful blog online.

Furthermore, things learned through trial and error methods have long-term implications. I bet you’ll never forget such things. And, such things will be easy to understand and absorb.

Just sit back and think, Why spend money if you can learn and implement the same on your own?

Further, who else can do this better than you? Of course no one. Right?

It is always advisable to learn SEO whether to do it on your own or through an SEO expert. In both cases, as a blogger, you should know about Search Engine Optimization.

3. By Self-Taught SEO You know the complete in or out

When you do the SEO on your own then you know the complete in or out of it.

This is must to build a successful blog online. Even if you hired someone for doing the same.

What if you pay someone for doing the SEO and he or she is cheating on you?

You can only catch him or her if you also know Search Engine Optimization.

So in either case, you need to learn SEO for creating a successful blog online.

Considering this, it is always advisable that you should learn SEO no matter whether you will do it on your own or hire someone for it.

4. There is no Shortcut in SEO

If you’re doing the SEO on your own then I am sure you will be aware of the fact that there are no shortcuts in the SEO.

If any shortcut is applied then in the long term it will definitely be going to hurt you. Today or Tomorrow, Search Engines including Google will penalize you for this.

But, when you hire someone for doing the SEO. He or she may apply these shortcuts (also known as Black Hat SEO) to impress you.

Kindly note that such results are short-term and once you paid the SEO consultants, they may disappear.

Hence it is better to do it yourself rather than get penalized by Google in the long term.

5. SEO is not Permanent

Yes, you heard it right. Search Engine Optimization on any blog is temporary.

Let’s assume, you paid someone to get the SEO done for your blog. But with continuously updating Google Algorithm, it will not remain forever.

You need to hire someone for the lifetime ( till your blog is online) or do it on your own.

In such a case, it is highly advisable to do SEO on your own. So, whenever you need it you can do it on your own. You don’t need to pay someone for the same.

Of course, with updating Google Algorithm, you also need to update your SEO knowledge.

Here, you can take the help of resources available online. Subscribe to SEO blogs, Youtube Channels, and Podcasts to keep yourself updated and learn new things every day.

Self Learn or Hire an SEO Consultant

The answer to this question is very simple. If you are looking for immediate results and don’t have enough time to do the SEO on your own then you should hire an SEO consultant or company for the same.

In other cases, where you’re looking for long-term results and want to grow your blog slowly and gradually then you must go with Self learn SEO.

Self Learn SEO is generally advisable for a single blogger whereas the company or organization should hire an SEO consultant or company for doing the same.

Over to you

I am a self-taught SEO expert. What is your status? Do not forget to share your status with us in the below comment box.

Moreover, do not forget to share your views on Self Learn or Hire SEO Consultants, which one is better?

You can also write a message in the below comment box in case you need any help regarding the Search Engine Optimization of your site online.

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