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Sticking To The SEO Basics Hold Good Prospects Of Driving More Organic Traffic To Websites

Sticking to the SEO basics hold good prospects of driving more organic traffic to websites

Organic traffic is the lifeblood of SEO, which is why ranking in search results is so much important. Although there are other means of generating traffic like paid advertisements and content marketing, driving organic traffic to the website is still the top goal of online marketers. As people are getting more and more dependent on the internet to take all kinds of decisions, the importance of organic traffic has grown many more times for businesses to generate revenue by doing good SEO. Massive searches for vacation and travel that abound the search engines makes organic traffic extremely vital for the travel and tourism industry as it involves huge sums of money.  In fact, for travel brands, organic traffic is the leading source of traffic. Being able to improve their search ranking by a few positions for the strategic keywords can translate into millions of dollars revenue.

On investigating the secret of success of the online campaigns of travel and tourism companies, one aspect that that strikes us is that they employ traditional SEO tactics that are apparently basic but works excellently. By following the practice of creating landing pages based on keywords, lots of internal links, and text on the home page, they reap rich SEO dividends that translate in significant organic traffic flowing to the websites.

In this article, we will explore what travel websites are doing by focusing on some basic principles that are easy to apply for anyone and quite affordably.

Home page text

According to the experts at SEO West Covina – Remnant Marketing, one of the most overlooked aspects of search engine optimization is using text on the home page. Although it is one of the basic optimization techniques that have been in place since the inception of SEO, still many websites simply overlook it and instead use the home page as merely a pretty portal page. Websites keen on driving more organic traffic can take advantage of the power of link equity of the home page and extract more juice by spicing it up with keyword-rich text.  By using this tactic, websites can rank on the first page of search results in the industry niche.

Home page internal links

It is normal that all pages of a website link to the home page, which obviously becomes the page with maximum internal links. It is important to evaluate if you are utilizing all of this link equity on the home page to flow to the most important commercial page of the website. Most likely, it does not happen for the majority of companies. Regardless of the size of the business, almost all websites include the important pages in the main navigation but linking to some of the key pages often does not happen due to limited space.  But having an extensive home page link structure can bring into focus pages that need the maximum link boost like sections that are more revenue earning and the most popular pages. Review the internal links on the home page and see if there is scope for adding some more links to key pages.

Text on every important page

 Large websites that run into many pages are often quite challenging for creating content, especially with regard to using handwritten content on every page. It seems an impossible task considering the huge volume of content to fill so many pages. However, many critical pages deserve special attention, and you must post handwritten content on these pages to rank higher. However, the database generated content to fill other pages would be fine for filling the gaps.   After all, handwritten content has different flavor and appeals much more to the audience. Identify the critical pages and do your best to post keyword-rich content on these pages that can make a large difference in driving more organic traffic.

Internal links in the footer

The power of internal links in footer has always been a debatable topic because SEO experts have a different opinion about it. Some say that there is enough scope of being very ambitious with footer links as it is a good way to ensure proper linking of pages to facilitate crawling. Others are of the opinion that Google either completely ignores the links or devalue it, and these links could even send out confusing signals. Many websites have fearlessly used footer links backed by exact match anchor text and reaped good dividends. However, it all depends on the size of the website. Smaller sites can benefit by adding a few links to for better visibility and crawling but linking contextually is always a better option.

Build landing pages for organic keyword

Although the strategy is simple to implement it often does not find favor with marketers, but if done, it can be a very rewarding experience. The task of pairing keywords perfectly with landing pages and then scaling it up is not at all difficult. For companies of average size and even smaller ones, it is not at all feasible to create a number of landing pages that big companies can do easily. But for the right results, smaller companies can create multiple landing pages by craftily using organic keywords in landing pages that serve the user intent. For smaller websites, having a dozen product or service pages can deliver targeted organic traffic.

Title tags that people like to click

Title tags are most basic but packed with power and quite controllable. Title tags are one of the best elements when you do A/B testing for SEO because it allows you to experiment with a large number of tags simultaneously. In addition, optimizing title tags improve click-through rates, which can impact ranking. Adding more variations to title tags allows you to experiment with new variations that help to stand out. With the goal of pushing up the click-through rate, keep testing and trying with title tags as it holds good prospects of SEO betterment.

It is not only important to do things right but also do the right things that you must have realized by now. Even the largest websites cannot afford to ignore the basics of SEO.

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