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3 Top SEO Trends You Need To Know In 2022

3 Top SEO Trends You Need To Know In 2019

Is yours an online business? If yes, chances are you already are thinking of getting the best of your SEO plan this year. SEO is constantly evolving. And that brings about changes in Google algorithms and SEO as a whole. And it is important you adjust your online marketing strategy accordingly. This article will share the top three SEO trends you need to know in 2022.

If you are not aware of the developments that are happening at the SEO front, you won’t be able to leverage it for your business! Here you might need the help of an SEO expert. If you stay at Birmingham, you can make the most of the Birmingham SEO services.

Every year there are many trends for SEO that comes into focus. In 2022 also, many SEO trends have come into focus. The three important ones on which you can base your SEO and online marketing strategy are discussed below:

#1. Voice search has begun its reign

Today, voice search is becoming popular and is increasing at a rapid pace. In the next two years, most of us will have voice commands for online searches and route directions. Research reveals that by 2020, almost 50% of the searches will be done using the voice command.

The percentage of people who make use of voice assistants are increasing annually at a fast pace! For instance, almost 35.6 million Americans today resort to the voice-activated device once every month. Also, one in every six Americans has purchased smart speakers. It’s true that SEO is changing at a faster pace and is evolving with every passing day.

The maximization of voice search is one of the prominent factors that will compel companies to plan their SEO strategy and content accordingly. It is essential to optimize blog and website content in a way that it gets showcased whenever a user places a voice search. Hence, you need to manage your keyword choices accordingly as well.

#2. The mobile first indexing is at work in progress stage

It was in March 2018 that Google had introduced its mobile-first indexing. It was one massive and instrumental change that many SEO experts have been waiting for a long time. Today, our Smartphone’s contribute to over 60% of the online traffic, which is expected to grow in the coming years. However, what does mobile-first indexing indicates for the web designers and the SEOs?

Simply put, today the mobile-first index has been present for over a year. And its presence increases the relevance of having a mobile responsive website.

It means your website design and development should be done in a way that it can be appropriately accessed across all mobile devices, without facing any problems. And it is also essential to ensure that your mobile responsive website gets uploaded fast. Speed is important here.

It is important to note that Google is not fond of the website that takes time to open. Google doesn’t consider a slow-loading website to be worthy of high search engine ranks.

Most SEO experts and business houses have realized that website speed is essential that contributes to the overall user experience. By reducing the load times, a site owner can do his/her bit to impact the web presence positively. Creating improved mobile sites and improved the user experience for online users through Smartphone devices is essential.

However, it is not evident still about the future of the mobile-first indexing. But depending on Google’s history, it is evident that the main objective of this indexing is to develop a mobile responsive website that loads quickly across all mobile and computing devices and that is easy to navigate and use. Also, the site provides pleasant user experience and functions very fast.

#3. Blockchain technology is here to impact both SEM and SEO

Most of us have heard about blockchain technology. In 2022, it will have an important role to play in both SEM and SEO. Simply put, Blockchain technology can be linked with cryptocurrency and Bitcoin in a general way.

However, one wonders how Blockchain can impact SEO in a useful way. To put simply, Blockchain technology is all about developing a trustworthy and secure transaction record. You can resort to this technology for securing the transactions that take place on search engines. It secures the connection between the website owners and the advertisers.

Here Google plays the role of a middle man here, assisting both the website owner and the advertiser in developing a mutual trust. It makes sure that all the online transactions take place in a streamlined manner.

The role of Blockchain is essential for SEO. It helps to authenticate that each user can claim their 100% authenticity. The technology allows business owners and SEO experts to check if a specific and had been viewed by a real person or a bot. It also ensures that a particular website owner gets to pay for the real click-throughs that take place on their website.

There is more! All these and other benefits work in a seamless way to minimize the frequency of online forgery. However, on a bigger scale, it will have no impact on the ad revenue that Google generates. However, it might have an effect on SEO as a whole.

Today, popular companies such as Microsoft and others are making use of Blockchain technology. They are going all out to collaborate with the Blockchain identity systems. It is being done to enhance the apps and services.

Wrapping Up

Today, more SEO trends are making themselves visible. For instance, SEO experts also inform businesses and companies about the rise of the Amazon search optimization and the ways to leverage it. However, if you are giving your existing SEO a face-lift in 2022, it is a smart call to consider the three trends that are discussed above. It will help you to make the most of the trends and stay relevant. Also, you can leverage the trends and ensure that your site ranks high, and you also improve your business potential. But it is essential to get it done under the supervision of an ace SEO expert to avoid pointless mistakes.

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