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Top Rewards Of Video In Your Digital Marketing Campaign

Top Rewards of Video in Your Digital Marketing Campaign

Much has been said about the use of videos in digital marketing for some time. There are a couple of brands, which invest 50 percent of their marketing dollars on videos to promote their products or services. Why? Well, videos or moving images pique audience interest more than static photos or walls of text. If you consider YouTube, for example, the audiences out there are young and niche.

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Today, Millennials use smartphones and iPads, do mobile shopping, and interact on Instagram and Facebook, thus making videos extremely popular as well as accessible. It seems that video marketing is the buzzword now and offers measurable rewards to brands and marketers.

According to an article published on, B2B businesses now use new-age video marketing tactics, which are affordable and come with loads of benefits.

Again, video is not simply for giant companies or television commercials anymore; it has benefits galore for brands – big and small. Here are the top rewards of the same:

#1. Broadcasting on numerous channels

When you decide to promote your brand through video marketing, leverage it to reach out to new customers on a range of platforms and channels. First, decide where you would like to broadcast your brand and product videos. Take some time in deciding the same; do not rush into it.

You will need to shoot the video from different angles like square, vertical, or broad. Then, you cannot do this on your own, as you are not a professional, however, a digital marketing, or video production company can do it for you so that you do not lag in post-production with just a single video format.

#2. Buyers like to see videos of your brand and products

Yes, your existing and potential customers like to see your business and product videos, and studies prove the same. Did you know that 87 percent of individuals love to see videos from brands? Again, in 2018, the photo-sharing platform, Instagram reported that there was an 80 percent year-over-year increase in the time spent viewing brand videos, and the number of video content created every day increased fourfold compared to 2017.

Again, YouTube visitors view more than one billion hours of video content daily and more than 50 percent of all videos watched on the internet anywhere, on smartphones. It means that video content is part of customers’ lives and they are just crazy for it, these days.

#3. Videos engage customers

You can make the most out of videos to promote your business on numerous platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. When it comes to these sites, they have outstanding targeting so that brands can make certain their marketing dollars are solely spent on attracting the targeted audience for their businesses.

Make sure that your media strategy is in place before briefing your project so that you would have stellar content that performs efficiently in every placement. Therefore, if you would like to take your branding to the next level, look for digital marketing agency Auckland or similar ones near you.

#4. Videos tell interesting stories

Whether it’s original stop-motion animated videos, explainer videos, glitzy brand visuals, or impromptu behind-the-scenes footage, they all tell your audience interesting stories about your brand and products. These are a couple of ways businesses create stunning videos to reach out to their customers. Then, the first thing to mull over is choosing an appropriate style to create a bridge between your brand and targeted buyers.

Make sure you define your brand story through explainer videos and deliver the same to create the maximum impact. The mastery of telling stories about your brand through videos lies in implementation.

#5. Video is beneficial for your SEO strategies

These days, you will notice that many quality websites have videos integrated into them and, Google likes videos and helps in improving your site’s rankings in the SERPs. You might be wondering why Google loves videos so much. That is because the search engine giant knows how much web visitors like videos and if its content is related to your website, business, and products, Google will reward your site. Yes, you can grab the top spot in the SERPs.

Again, videos help in improving the dwell time of your site, boost traffic considerably by 157 percent from Google, and attract quality and relevant backlinks from other reliable websites. All of it, when combined is what is called ethical SEO and makes a good impression on Google bots.

#6. Provides businesses value for money

Video marketing is affordable and provides value for your money. That is because the content created has permanence and you can create stellar videos on numerous channels. You can make product videos like a series and see the outcome. You will benefit. You can create videos for six months and promote the same as per your pre-defined agenda.


Opt for video marketing once you know your business goals to take your digital campaign to the next level. Try it and you will not regret it.

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