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Why Is Laundry Only A Mother’s Job?

Why is laundry only a mothers job?

Airel India is back with its new ad campaign Dad #ShareTheLoad.Once again the emotional attachment seem to be working out in this ad.

Ad start with a young mother coming from work and simultaneously attending the phone call, clearing floors, preparing tea and other household activities. Then a beautiful conversation start between father and daughter in the background.

At the end father leaves his daughter an apology letter saying he did not set a good example for her.He did not help her mother in sharing the load of household activities.

He felt sorry for that.But he sees a way to make a difference, even just a little.He finally decided to help her mother in the Laundry job.

Green Flag Areas

  • The ad is really appealing.Showing high expectation on the shoulder of the mother made this ad viral among the women seeing themselves in it. Who in itself is the target audience of Ariel. Airel India will be happy to know that the ad got viral among the women.
  • Emotion play a very important role in determining the purchasing decision of consumer.
  • Launching ad campaign with #hashtag is another good example of Marketing.

Red Flag Areas

  • Making gender base ad is really not a good idea.

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